Beast of the East –


785 E. Main St., Marlton NJ

Be it known through the land’s warriors await the call of battle to test their might. Eastern non peer fighters (heavy/rapier) hear these words. Now that we know that your inner tyger lays restless. A challenge is being laid at your feet. Will you rise to the challenge? Or will you live through tales from others? Swords shall be drawn for a true test of honor, prowess, perseverance, humility, courage, and grit. The BEAST of the EAST TOURNEY!!!! Indulge in a bit of pageantry, display your chivalrous qualities for this will be a day to show your love for the sword play that we do. To the Royalty, Ladies of the Rose, Barons and Baroness, and to the populace of the east if you have a love for great tourney display we invite you join us for the day. Help be the inspiration. Submit a letter of intent to be the BEAST of the east. The letter (via email) *** MUST**** be in by 11:59 December 1st.

Tourney format: Round one – Round Robin: Randomly choose the list you will be fighting in. We will try our best to even out the list. At the end of the round the top two and two additional fighters will get to move on. The additional two will be chosen by the members of the Chiv/Mod and members of the panel. Those fighters will decide to fight round two or rest. Round two – A repeat of round one with the exception that three will move on from each list. The top scorer, Chiv/Mod choice, and Panel Choice. Round Three- Round robin made up of those winners from the first and second round. Three from each list will advance: Top score, The Chiv/Mod pick, and the Panel pick Round Four: A double elimination 2 out of 3 passes. Two different weapons forms (do not have to match). Double kill will count as lost to both fighters. Round Five: Final 4 way – the top 4 fighters will fight a round robin. FINAL ROUND: The top two fighters will do best of 5 weapon rotation. Note format maybe altered


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