7/12/22-Virtual Business Meeting Minutes

The SCA Bullying and Harassment statement was read by the Seneschal.

Baronial Seat-Aibhilin and Declan

·       We had a great event on Sunday! Thank you to Sterling, everyone at Troll, MOL, the List Heralds and Marshals, our Retainers, Our Court Herald Malcolm, all other staff and volunteers, and everyone who volunteered their time setting up and cleaning up.

·       Congratulations to our new Champions: Aaron the Swift (Rattan) and Don Morwill MacShane (Rapier), the Overall Tournament winners Master Andre (Rapier) and Quintus (Rattan), Taka newest Sable Martlet, Ciaran (Armor Breaker) newest Silver Martlet, and Valery and Sterling newest recipients of the Baroness’ Silver Rings.

·       Pennsic is coming up:

o   Opening Ceremonies, Saturday, 8/6; we’re waiting to find out the time; the rumor is 12:00. We will meet up at EK Royal; meet up time to be announced.

o   Iron Bog pot luck and Court will be on Sunday, 8/7 at 6:00pm.

o   Largese Exchange at the Runnymede Dinner; if anyone has anything that they make that they can contribute we’d appreciate it. Thank you to Wentlyanna who has been doing fingerloop braiding to make cording. 


·       Curia will be at GNEW.


·       We have money, a little bit less after the event-I don’t have an exact because we haven’t returned the excess water yet or gotten an invoice for the portapotties.

·       My report will go in at the end of the month and I’ll have an updated total then.


·       Since I will be down the shore, I will be unable to attend our Baronial R and R Champions Tournament. I will be ready to Herald at Baronial Court in Pennsic.

Knight Marshal-Sterling

·       Practice still happens in the Cooper River park near the iron bridge on Sunday afternoons 1:30 – 4:30

·       For up to date of what is happening please use the link to the :Iron Bog Fighter practice page:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/209860085774418

·       If not a member and would like to be please answer the questions. Once I have your notice I will then approve it. NO ANSWERS to the questions will be declined.

·       Kindly answer the weekly attendance poll. This poll helps with whether or not there will indeed be practice.  Please be kind to the Knight Marshal. IF there is no practice, knowing this ahead of time helps with the scheduling of other activities.

·       This past weekend we had some great interest in heavy weapons combat.  IF the interest turns into something; The KM would like to discuss the possibilities to order a couple kits to have on hand for loaner gear….

·       IF I make it to Pennsic my current idea is to help out at marshal’s point.

·       As time ticks by putting us closer to winter… we will need a place to practice. If someone knows a church or build of some sort that would let up “play” through the winter please let me know.  I did find a place but it was not available on a Sunday. A Tuesday night and they would like 75.00 per hour.


·       Also if you would like to become a marshal (possible to take my place after many years of service) we can work something out where I share the little bit of knowledge I have for the position to help you along the way.

Fence Marshall-Taka

·       I have spent the last hours recovering my member number email so yay!

·       Some fencers sometimes attend our Sunday practices hosted by Sterling (Thank You)!

·       Lots of Fencing occurred this past Sunday! No Paperwork needed to be filed so that’s the best part.  The fencing was clean and glorious.

Company Captain of the Archers

Master of the Lists- Hiromasa

·       In yesterday’s Baronial Champions event, we signed in 18 fencers and 14 Heavy weapons fighters.

o   Aaron the Swift won Heavy

o   Morwill won Fencing

·       I am still learning and received much guidance from Maxine.

·       I know I still have to submit a kingdom report and that will go out this week I hope.

·       Otherwise still reading and hoping to be ready for RW.

·       If I forgot anything I do apologize ahead of time.

Mistress of A&S-Wentlyanna

·       I brought the box of donated books to the event last weekend and look forward to seeing the art and research that people are able to do with them.


·       Woohoo, we finally had a Baronial event! 😁

·       It was so nice to see everyone who had the chance to come out – it has been too long! For those who were unable to make it, you were greatly missed.

·       Just wanted to take the time here to thank everyone who assisted me yesterday in engaging the mundane folk – whether it was handing out brochures, answering any questions, promoting our Barony and the SCA, and even inviting people to sit and watch the tournaments – that part warmed my heart, truly. It was something I personally haven’t witnessed at an event, outside of Demos, and everyone was so into our hobby. It was the perfect location and many people were taking pictures and/or videos.

·       I appreciate everyone who helped with that aspect of the Chatelaine duty (kinda made my job extra easy!). Because of you, I was able to retain for our Baron and Baroness, capture pictures of the awesomeness of the day and help anywhere that was needed.


·       Nothing to report


·       The internet is still up and running!


·       2nd quarter issue went out at the end of June.


·       We had an event, R & R Champions, we have new Champions-Rapier-Don Morwill MacShane and Armored Combat-Aaron the Swift.  The overall winners of the tourneys, were Master Andre for Rapier and Quintus for Armored Combat.

·       Lord Taka joined the Order of the Sable Martlet, Ciaran Armor breaker joined the Order of the Silver Martlet.  Lady Valery and Baron Sir Sterling received Baroness’ rings.

Chancellor of Youth-Fiadhnait

·       I’ve not attended any events where I have run any Activities.

·       However, I have been asked to do activities for River Wars and will begin planning activities for that event.

Financial Committee

·       Multi-Kingdom Events Part 1 and Part 2-Sterling

Charter Committee

Disbanded until further need arises.

Old business:

Rapier and Rattan After-Action:

From Sterling:

·       We had a great event. The shipment of great weather came in on time.  There were roughly 60 people in attendance. We did end up having 28 combatants between both sword types. Champions were made – Vivat!  Side note the new champion for heavy has been attending the Iron bog practice on a reg. bases.

·       The event was free to attend- and because of that there was a loss to the event. However, the event cost less than 500.00.  I do not have the official breakdown of the cost but the most cost went to the 2 port-a-pots.

·       I as the event steward tried to make sure all those that helped in any way were thanked. If I missed thanking you I am sorry it was not a slight to you.

·       With that said —- a HUGE THANK YOU AGAIN!!!

·       Pro:   A free event, A nice location, the public could see, Great chance to find new players. Naturally I would like to see another one done like this. 

·       Con:  If we are having an event, help the event steward with supplies needed prior to the event. (Side note, it was my responsibility to gather stuff – I know this) If you know you have X supply that is needed for the event let the person know it cuts down on guessing where stuff is.

·       There is an event coming up — in your Barony — if you want more people to come then share the information on the “social media.” Look, you share it, you are helping the event gain traction. And not just a one-time thing…. Like as there is info on the event that can be shared — Share it…help people get the word. Help people grow tired of hearing about all the fun you are going to have. Have their feed filled with reminders…..

·       The more sharing of information the less of the same questions being answered the day of the event.

·       The tournaments went well but the time could have been a better, more fluid change…. meaning 17 fencers switching to a double elimination would have been better on time. 10 heavy a round robin not so back in two pools. There should have been a punt made.

·       Better communications.

From others:

·       Great site, it looked great, the sheet walls were awesome, people had a lot of fun

·       Next time bring more wagons, it would be nice to have a common tent for folk, it was hard to find Troll, Aibhilin forgot to bring the big IB sign with the QR code, in addition to the handout we need to put out the sign-up sheet to collect folks information.

·       For those helping to set-up a map of where things should go ahead of time, next time have more wagons.

·       Juliana and Elglin donated fabric, and Wentlyanna and Arden brought boxes of books that had been given to them to donate them to others. Some of the new people there were able to get some fabric and books.


·       The Basketman will not be at Pennsic this year. Ursula’s Alcove will be selling some of his wares; some items may need to be ordered in advance.

·       IB potluck and court on Sunday at 6pm (war week).

River War-Sterling


·       Food will be removed from the write up — Will be researching to see about food trucks instead – true not period but may be a little easier. Katherine will put in the event listing that “there may be food trucks” in the event that a truck doesn’t show.

·       There may still be a pre-package breakfast for Saturday and Sunday– Hot water – fruit – muffins – instant cereals. Valery asked that the event listing explain why the food is different this year. She also asked if there could be coffee, tea, and hot chocolate at breakfast and before court.

·       Your Excellencies — would you be will to have a conversation or email to your cousins about the activities going on at the event by Friday evening — (note I will resend an email that I have not gotten much reply to)—Aibhilin will email them to see if they have been getting information from their River War.

·       Because of all the goings on there will be a website going up shortly.

·       Yes, now that one event is done my attention is a little more focused…..

·       People of IRON BOG seriously there is a lot going at this event…. more hands to help are always welcome.  Let us all help the event by sharing the info (as soon as I give the green light because we are making changes to the event announcement

·       Tonight I will work on a few things after the meeting.

·       PLEASE ask questions

·       Hiromasa-may not be able to be there Friday or Sunday. If Sterling needs Hiromasa to bring anything/print anything etc, please let him know 2 weeks in advance.

Multi-Kingdom Tourney-Part 1 and Part 2-Sterling

·       Marlton Field House

·       Waiting on approval from the Financial Committee. Dru will have the financial committee to respond well before the next meeting.

New Business:

Letters of Intent for the Baronial Seat: Dru received 2 Letters of Intent. All candidates are eligible to be Baron and/or Baroness. Dru will get the polling process started.

·       From Andre and Genevra:

Greetings unto the Barony of Iron Bog!

The purpose of this missive is to put forth that we, Maître André l’Épervier and Lady Genevra d’Angoulême, intend to seek the privilege of becoming the next baronial seats.  

André has been a member of the SCA since 1991 and has been a resident of Iron Bog for all but 3 of those years.  He is a companion of the Order of Defense, Order of the Golden Rapier, Order of the Silver Gauntlet, Order of the Silver Compass, and Order of the Sable Martlet and is a recipient of the Baroness’ Silver Ring.  He is also a member of the Tadcaster Militia and former member of the BoBo Club for Men.  He has served the barony as Captain of the Guard for two baronial reigns, fencing marshal, and fencing marshal-in-charge at several events and by running the fencing practice prior to the pandemic, setting up, taking down, and maintaining the Iron Bog Pennsic encampment, and cleaning up at many events.

Genevra has been a member of the SCA since 1996 and has been a resident of Iron Bog for all but 3 of those years.  She is a companion of the Order of the Silver Crescent, Order of the Burdened Tyger, Order of the Silver Martlet, Order of the Sable Martlet, Order of the Sable Compass, and Order of the Ducke and is a recipient of the Baroness’ Silver Ring.  She is also a member of the Tadcaster Militia and bearer of the mighty Stick Weasel Sinister.  She has served the barony as chatelaine, deputy chatelaine, chronicler, deputy mistress of arts and sciences, event steward for 2 events, and head cook for multiple events.

Iron Bog is very dear to our hearts, and so we would like the opportunity to serve its populace further should we have the honor of being chosen as Baron and Baroness.  We have sought counsel from several of the previous baronial seats and feel that we are willing and able to contribute the time, energy, and resources needed for this responsibility.  We welcome any questions or advice any member of the populace might have for us and hope you will find us worthy candidates.

Yours in Service,

André l’Épervier and Genevra d’Angoulême

·       From Taka and Eldrich

Greetings unto the populous of the great Barony of Iron Bog,

    The time has come for the Barony to decide who will next sit on the Thrones of Iron Bog. To this endeavor do we, Don Eldrich Gaiman and Kamejima Takauji-dono, submit ourselves for consideration. We have a great love for the Barony and would be honored to serve its populous over the coming years.

    Don Eldrich has been a standing member in the borders of Iron Bog for 22 years, and during that time has held a number of Baronial and Kingdom offices including baronial herald, webminister, and marshal of fence, as well as Eastern Crown Herald, the submissions herald for the East Kingdom.

    Takauji-dono has been a member of the Barony of Iron Bog since Oct of 2020 and has held the position of Baronial Marshal of Fence for approximately that same amount of time. Before coming to the Barony he has spent many days actively working at Baronial events in various roles. Additionally, he has previously held both positions of Seneschal and Chatelaine, at the same time, in the neighboring Shire of Barren Sands.

    We see the chief job of the baroncy as working to guarantee that as many people can have as much fun as possible. We wish to continue the Barony’s long standing traditions and to showcase the caliber of it’s amazing populous. 

Yours In Service

Don Eldrich Gaiman, OGR



Kamejima Matasaburou Takauji-dono, OSR


Motion made to adjourn and seconded.

Minutes submitted by Baroness Aibhilin inghean Ui Phaidin

·       Questions were posed to Andre, Genevra, and Taka, and answered by them

o   Given the number of fencers running for the Seat, how would you support the Heavy fighters?

o   Are you aware of and able to handle the travel and finances needed to do the job?

o   How would you encourage and support bringing in newcomers and people with children?

o   Your time will not be your own, you will have commitments that will take precedence over your own personal interests, are you prepared for this?

o   Where is Eldrich tonight as he is not at the meeting tonight?

o   Does Taka have someone to replace him as Baronial Fencing Marshal? Dru said that Sterling has volunteered.

Baronial Fencing and Heavy Marshal

·       Since Sterling volunteered to take on the position of Baronial Rapier Marshal, Dru took a vote. Sterling was voted in as Rapier Marshal.

·       Sterling would like to retire as Baronial Kingdom Marshal. He has put out a request amongst the Fighters/Marshals in the Barony previously, and has not gotten any takers. Baron Declan said becoming a warranted marshal is something he might consider once he steps down. Dru asked for a list of the fighters/heavy marshals in the Barony, and suggested that she and Their Excellencies reach out to eligible folks to see if they would be willing to help and take on the position.

Motion made to adjourn and seconded.

Minutes submitted by Baroness Aibhilin inghean Ui Phaidin

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