6/14/22- Virtual Business Meeting

The SCA Bullying and Harassment statement was shared by the Seneschal.

Baronial Seat-Aibhilin and Declan

·       We are headed to Beltaines.

·       Thank you to Hiromasa for the Retainers’ sashes that he made.

·       We would like to finally get to host the Birthday event in late February or early March. We have reached out to Larry to see if he would be willing to be the Event Steward.

·       We want to also hold the May-Be event, and would like to find an Event Steward.

·       Lastly, we will have to step down Baron and Baroness next June, and the process to look for our replacements needs to begin. We will also need an Event Steward to run the Barony’s Investiture (and our Devestiture).

Section VIII – Baronial Selection Process


1.      Iron Bog may have either a sitting Baron, a sitting Baroness, or a sitting Baron and Baroness (known as a sitting Territorial Couple) hereafter known as the “Baronial Seat”. However, an individual may run for Baronial Seat only once on the ballot. Therefore, the individual must decide to run either individually or as a member of one pair.

0.      In order to be eligible to run for Baronial seat in Iron Bog, each candidate must meet all eligibility qualifications under East Kingdom Law, in addition to the following criteria:

0.      Must be a Citizen of the Barony of Iron Bog as defined in the Iron Bog Charter.

1.      Must be a paid member of the SCA, Inc. at the time of publication of intent to run for Baronial seat, throughout the polling procedure, and at all times while sitting on the Baronial seat.

2.      Must be eighteen years of age or older.

3.      Must have resided within the geographical boundaries of Iron Bog for at least one year preceding the notice of intent to run for Baronial Seat.

4.      Must have completed one of the following criteria in the five years preceding the notice of intent to run for Baronial Seat:

0.      Completed one year as a Local, Regional or Kingdom Officer;

1.      Been the event steward or head cook (as listed in the event announcement) for two events hosted by Iron Bog;

2.      Been the main event steward or head cook (as listed in the event announcement) for an Inter-Kingdom event.

1.      If a citizen of Iron Bog has not completed one of the three qualifications above in I.B.v.a.-c., but can demonstrate to the required officers that they have sufficiently supported the local group, the required officers may vote by simple majority to allow the individual to run.

2.      If there is any dispute as to the completion of one of the qualifications in Section I.B.i-v above, the determination will be made by simple majority vote of the filled required officers of Iron Bog. Filled required officers will be deemed to mean the required officers of the branch as determined by East Kingdom Law.

3.      VOTING EXCEPTION: In instances above where a vote of the required officers occurs and there is a tie, there is a re-vote of the required officers with the seneschal abstaining. This abstention does not count as a negative vote.


·       The process to select a new Baronial Seat begins in one of the following ways:

·       One year prior to the end of term of the current Baronial Seat, or

·       The current Baronial Seat announces its intention to step down, or

1.      The Seneschal announces that the Baronial Seat is vacant, or

0.      The Royalty removes the current Baronial Seat and appoints a Vicar. The Vicar may not run to replace the removed Baronial Seat.

1.      Upon the announcement by either the retiring Baronial Seat or the Seneschal, the Seneschal will accept nominations for Baronial Seat either by written letter or email.

2.      The Seneschal will prepare an announcement that nominations are being accepted for the Baronial Seat. This announcement will be placed on the web site by the Web Minister, posted to the email list by the Seneschal, and mailed to subscribers of the newsletter by the Chronicler, within fourteen days of the announcement of the vacancy. Officers in charge of these publications must make every effort to publish those announcements within the required time frame.

3.      The Seneschal will accept nominations for Baronial Seat until the opening of the next business meeting following the business meeting announcing the vacancy of the Baronial Seat. At that point, nominations are closed and a list of candidates for Baronial Seat will be created and announced at the close of that meeting.

4.      The Seneschal will prepare an announcement indicating the names of eligible candidates for Baronial Seat. This list of candidates will be placed on the web site by the Web Minister, posted to the email list by the Seneschal, and mailed to subscribers of the newsletter by the Chronicler, within fourteen days of the announcement of candidates. Officers in charge of these publications must make every effort to publish those announcements within the required time frame.

5.      Following the posting of the names of eligible candidates, the candidates are then encouraged to begin their campaign by posting on the e-mail list, to the website, or in person.


·       Immediately following the announcement of the candidates as defined in II.E., the Iron Bog Seneschal will contact the East Kingdom Seneschal to coordinate the preparation of the ballot and request mailing labels.

·       The polling and investiture will be conducted according to the rules specified in East Kingdom law.

·       TERMS

·       The term for a Baronial Seat is three years.

·       The Baronial Seat is limited to one term and one 2 year extension if they request it and it is granted by Iron Bog’s citizens.

·       During the business meeting one year prior to the end of the term, the nomination procedures will begin as described in Section II.A. and the Baronial Seat will announce whether it wishes to run for an additional term. If there is a sitting Territorial Couple, then both territorial leaders must agree to continue.

·       If the Baronial Seat states their intention to sit for a 2 year extension, an announcement will be placed in the next Iron Bog newsletter and on the Iron Bog website within five days of the announcement.

·       If no other candidate has submitted a letter of intent within one month of the Baronial Seat announcing its intention to continue, a vote of confidence will be taken by closed ballot at the next business meeting.

·       If the sitting Baronial Seat is successful in the vote of confidence, then they will continue through an additional 2 year term of office.

·       If the Baronial Seat is not successful in the vote of confidence, then the nomination process will begin from Section II.A. above.

·       If the Baronial Seat does not wish to continue, then the nomination process will begin from Section II above.

·       If there is a Baron and Baroness sitting as territorial leaders and either of them decides to step down early, the remaining territorial leader may complete the current term individually.

·       Either party is permitted to run as either individuals or as a part of a new Baron and Baroness pair in the next nomination process, unless doing so conflicts with current Kingdom Law.

·       If the Baronial Seat decides to step down early, then the nomination process will begin from Section II.A. above.


·       The Baronial Seat is the voice of the Eastern Royalty. As such, they are the final word on all matters of protocol at meetings, events, commons and other official Iron Bog functions.

·       In addition to the Rights and Responsibilities of Territorial Barons/Baronesses outlined in East Kingdom Law, the Iron Bog Baronial Seat will have the additional Rights, Duties and Obligations:

·       Meetings and Events

·       The Baronial Seat of Iron Bog shall make every reasonable effort to attend meetings and events hosted by Iron Bog.

·       Prior to announcement of events, the Event Steward should contact the Baronial Seat for their availability to attend a proposed event.

·       Should the Baronial Seat challenge a proposed event, the Baronial Seat shall have the opportunity to voice objections and provide a basis for said objections prior to the vote being taken on the event.

·       Awards

1.      The Baronial Seat may establish award orders for Iron Bog.

0.      The names and badges of said awards shall be presented at a business meeting.

1.      The presentation of a new award shall be placed in the next Iron Bog newsletter and on the website within five days.

2.      At the next business meeting, all attending citizens may vote on the proposed award by simple majority vote.

3.      The Baronial Seat may bestow titles, positions of honor, favors, and approved Baronial awards at their discretion, unless in direct conflict with Kingdom Law.

4.      The Baronial Seat will bestow the title to Baronial champions who are selected in accordance with any provisions in the Iron Bog Charter.

5.      The Baronial Seat shall have the authority to remove any champion as Baronial Champion.

6.      The Baronial Seat shall appoint the commanders of the Iron Garde, or any militia that will be considered part of the Barony. The Baronial Seat may remove or discharge the commander of the Iron Garde or any sanctioned militia which is considered part of the Barony.


·       Coming from the Society: if you are offering/using your private property for an Event you cannot be the one Autocratting the Event due to insurance issues.

·       Summer event season is upon us and am looking for retainers for Her Excellency for upcoming events.

o   The first will be Iron Bog Champions on July 10th. – This will be on Veteran’s Island in Cooper River Park.  We will need retainers from 11:30am to 5:30pm. If you are interested please contact me so I can get you on Her Excellency’s schedule.

o   The next event we will be looking for retainers is Pennsic.  That schedule has not been solidified yet, but if you will be Pennsic would like retain for Her Excellency let me know so we can get a list together.


·       Balance as of  $


·       Nothing new to report.

Knight Marshal-Sterling

·       Simple report — No change from last month:

·       We continue to try to have a heavy weapons/rapier practice in the park. We end up fighting against Mundane, melee practice, and weather. Sometimes we win. Sometimes we do not.  Lately we have not been winning.

·       My current thought is to focus the attention on two Sunday’s out of the month for heavy practice.  Currently losing two Sunday’s a month to some sort of melee practice.  So the big push will be the second and third Sunday. 

·       I will keep posting to the IronBog Fighter Practice page.  There you will find updates, questions, comments, and conversation.

·       The word Pennsic is floating around everywhere.

·       Fathers day weather permitting — I will need to move the time up 11:30 -3 instead of the 1:30-4:30

·       The 26th is up in the air because of Sunday melee practice. please see the Facebook page — Ironbog Fighter practice for updates

·       Projects on the task board:

·       Tourney 7/11, Event 9/23-9/25, Tourney 12/3, Tourney1/7

Fence Marshall-Taka

·       Practices sometimes happens at Cooper River Park. Nothing else to report. 

·       I’m sure my time in office is probably well past the minimum time required. But I haven’t done much since taking over the role because of the pandemic. Haven’t even sent in reports during that time because nothing was happening.

·       However I am taking this opportunity to inform the Barony that I do plan to step down after River Wars. This should give plenty of time to find a replacement.

Company Captain of the Archers

Master of the Lists- Hiromasa

·       Still nothing to date. Waiting for 7/10. All quiet.

Mistress of A&S-Wentlyanna

·       I received a box of books on a variety of SCA topics. I have not had a chance to go through it yet, but look forward to distributing them to members of the group who can use them for their A&S endeavors.


·       Nothing new to report.


·       Nothing to report.


·       The internet is still up.


·       Nothing to report.


·       Nothing to report.

Chancellor of Youth-Fiadhnait

·       Nothing to report.

Financial Committee

·       Sterling presented an amendment to the R & R Champions bid to rent 2 port-a-potties.

Charter Committee

Disbanded until further need arises.

Old business:

R & R Champions-Sterling

·       The site is set.

·       Sterling put in a request to the Financial Committee to rent 2 Port-a-Potties. They cost $145 each. However, they would need to be delivered Friday, and he would put on padlocks. It was voted on and approved.

·       Aibhilin has handouts for interested folks from the Public. We will also bring the Barony’s silk banners and banner poles and seats for Court.

·       Sterling needs checks that Katya will get to him. Peach is able to sign checks.

·       Sterling asked what to do in the event of bad weather. Declan and Aibhilin will confer and reach out to Sterling about a possible Rain date. Andre made new poles for the large Baronial Pavilion (that Dru had donated) and has the canvas. He and/or Pixie will be repairing it.


·       Dru brought up that there are 8 people registered under the wrong name for the Baronial encampment. Valery knows that 7 of them have been moved to the correct encampment name. She will check with Creature to make sure that the last person has been moved over.

River War-Sterling

·       We will have Equestrian activities and Championships. Tessa will be MIT working under Duchess Kienna.

Two new events-Sterling

He submitted bids to the Financial Committee for 2 events to be held at the same place in December and January. He is waiting for their response.

New Business:

·       Two Demos are quickly approaching:

o   Barren Sands hosted by Mystic Realms Fantasy Faire at Wheaton Arts-This Saturday

o   Hartshorn-dale on 7/4

 Motion made to adjourn and seconded.

Minutes submitted by Baroness Aibhilin Ui Phaidin

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