11/8/22 Virtual Business Meeting Minutes

Baronial Seat-Aibhilin and Declan

·       Thank you everyone who attended and helped at Geekfest! Spring Geekfest will be on 4/8/23. Ryan asked us to do a panel.

·       From Alison Wodenhalle: Hartshorn-dale will be holding Nova Schola Mar 4th 2023 and we are seeking teachers. We would like to run a service track (as well as A&S classes, and martial if they are lecture based). If you are interested in teaching a class on being an officer, on running events, on service in the kitchen, or on the list field, or topic of your choice, please get in touch with me. Email 148153@members.eastkingdom.org  We are planning on 55 minute classes, we have 6 rooms (tracks) for classes, and 5 hours of class time. https://www.eastkingdom.org/event-details/?eid=4069

·       Upcoming events: St. Eligius 11/12, 100 Minutes 11/19 and Bhakail Yule 12/10. Mask variances have not been approved for St. Eligius and Bhakail Yule.

·       The Kingdom has new Heirs: Prince Brennan and Princess Caoilfhionn.


·       Just a reminder for officers to check your official email accounts. If you are having trouble accessing your email accounts please contact the web minister. Also, if you are having trouble with your reports or responsibilities of your job, please let me know, I’ll find you help.

·       The past two Royal progresses have seen a couple TRP (Temporary Removal from Participation).  One for a member from NY, Julie DeVuono, known in the Society as Moresca of AnDubhaigeainn. The other 2 are William Speed and Zachary Long (known as Zachary the Bastard’s Son)

o   Temporary Removal from Participation means that you are precluded from attendance or participation in any manner at any SCA activity, event, practice, or official gathering for any reason, at any time. This includes a ban on participation in officially recognized SCA social media (e.g. “Facebook”) sites, officially recognized SCA electronic mail lists, and officially recognized SCA web pages. The SCA’s Board of Directors will review this sanction. You will receive a notification from the Society Seneschal of the results of this review. The Board may order the Society Seneschal to conduct an investigation into the matter. If an investigation is ordered, a representative of the Society Seneschal’s office will contact you and others to obtain further information regarding this matter.  This sanction will continue until the Board of Directors makes a final decision on the matter.”

o   Please ensure that these individuals are removed from all social media platforms and not permitted to attend events/practices/gatherings until the Board of Directors renders a decision.

·       Kingdom Curia has been announced, it’s going to be Thursday, Feb 23, 2023

·       Officer Positions to be voted on:

o   Company Captain of the Archers-position is vacant

o   Katya reminded everyone that the Exchequer position was due for voting in June. Dru will put out a request for Letters of Intent, and vote at the December meeting.

o   Historian-Katya would like to remain as Historian. She was voted in for another term as Historian.

o   Chronicler-Pixie will continue as Chronicler. She was voted in for another term.

o   MoAS- Received two letters of intent. Lorenzo and Katherine suggested that they share the position as they have different focuses. Lorenzo volunteered to do the reporting. Lorenzo and Katherine were voted in as Co-MOAS.

First Letter of Intent:

Greetings to the Barony!

Kindly accept this as my letter of intent for the MoAS position.

Although I have held other offices within the Barony (and when it was a Shire) as well as the Kingdom, I have not held a MoAS position.  This has always been a position I wanted to hold, and I feel that now I have the time and energy to devote to it.

This past spring, I was inducted into the Order of the Maunche.  I am also a member of the Baronial Order of the Silver Compass.

Should I be selected as the new MoAS, I would like to start to have regular gatherings for classes, craft days, and get-togethers for groups such as cooks and scribes/wordsmiths.

My specific field of focus within the arts community is calligraphy and illumination.  However, I also have experience in glass beads, sewing, and cooking.  If selected, I would like to have others (possibly both from within as well as outside the Barony) who have experience in other fields to join us for A&S classes and get togethers. 

I would also work with baronial event stewards to assist with scheduling classes or exhibits at Iron Bog events.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

In Service,

Katherine Barr

(Sandi Doner)

Second Letter of Intent:

Good afternoon,

I’m interested in the position of MoAS. 

I’ve held the job before, and I think I was ok at it.



·       Still waiting to be warranted. Baron Declan will reach out to KSen for assistance.


·       There was no heraldic activity this month.  The next Baronial Court will be in January at the B.O.E. Event.  If you want to have business with Their Excellencies at Court, please e-mail me.

Knight Marshal-Sterling

·       Daylight saving time has kicked in which means that the cold weather is fast approaching. As the weather gets cold since sadly I was not able to secure a free winter spot we will be even more at the mercy of the weather. I continue to put a poll on the social media group for attendance weekly. As it gets colder this polling will not just be for attendance but it will indicate whether or not there will be a practice or not. ***PLEASE NOTE — I do not like cold weather*****   Here is where you can find the weekly poll and other information: https://www.facebook.com/groups/209860085774418

·       As I look back over the last few pollings, I am finding that there have been more Sundays being canceled due to lack of attendance. If anyone knows of or has ideas on how to turn the attendance around I am open to suggestions.

·       In January the Knight Marshal position will need to be put to a vote. I believe that we have a thing about how long a person can hold a position in our bi-laws. IF you have any interest in keeping people safe while on and around the field, please let me know so I may try to help with your questions.

·       Always on the lookout for a new site that would allow us a place in the winter/summer bonus if enough land for us to have melee.

·       Was able to acquire a helm and chest armor for the loaner.

·       Future thoughts and around Geek Fest for the spring — will need the dates to try to get more loaner gear and to get more fighters. One thought is to try to have an official tourney with a demo atmosphere. I have some thoughts and ideas that I am trying to flesh out. 

·       Katherine said that she is still working on getting Elglin and Julianna’s zip code moved to Iron Bog.

Fence Marshall-Sterling

·       I started to give you this Rapier Marshal post from a different point of view….but right now the Knight Marshal pretty much covered it.

·       Practice – Practice — Practice —- come practice

·       There are several tourney’s on the horizon….When your name is called the list will you be ready?

Company Captain of the Archers-vacant

Master of the Lists- Hiromasa

·       Nothing to report for this month.

Mistress of A&S-Wentlyanna

·       There will be an A&S tournament at 100 minutes war, open to novices. Entries must be on the table by 10am for populace judging.

·       There will be an A&S competition at Bhakail Yule, with the theme of “growth”. Check the website for additional information.

·       There will be an Athena’s thimble gathering for those interested in embroidery.

·       There will also be dancing for those who would like to participate.


·       We had SJ Geekfest on October 29th, 2022, and as always, it was a great time! Thank you to everyone who helped setup, showed support for the Barony and engaged all of those who showed interest. 

·       Emails have been sent to those who left their email on the sign-up sheet. 2 people have reached out and are interested in Heavy Fighting and Arts/Food things. And a few people have joined the Facebook group – yay!


·       There have been no changes to the Baronial inventory that I have been made aware of, please let me know of any new donations.  

·       REMINDER:  The Autocrat box, Street Signs and Sheet Walls are in my garage.


·       The internet is up.

·       The website is updated.


·       Nothing new to report.


·       Nothing to report.

Chancellor of Youth-Fiadhnait

·       I have nothing to report for Chancellor Minor, as there have been no events or happenings since the last meeting.

·       I apologize for missing the meeting again, as I once again have a prior engagement. I feel like I am almost always missing the meetings. I would like to know if the Barony still wants me to hold this office. I feel guilty for not being around.

Financial Committee

·       Nothing before the committee at this time.

Charter Committee

Disbanded until further need arises.

Old business:

Beast of the East-Sterling

·       Reached out to get insurance but was told I had to wait till the middle of November because of budgets for 2023

·       Staff wise — would love to have more volunteers — Troll, Heralding, setting/cleaning up, MOLs, Marshals. Genevra volunteered to help at Troll or MOL, or where else needed.

o   Jenevra from Buckland Cross will be running Troll. Ellesbeth will head up MOL. Hiromasa will be working MOL with her.

o   Needs a MOD to serve as Marshal in Charge.

o   Taka volunteered to marshal

·       Still working getting a few more key pieces in place

·       I will be talking with the event steward who ran crown to see what issue came up that I need to be prepared for. Aibhilin asked what type of décor/decorations Sterling would like. He will ask what they did at Crown. Genevra suggested seeing if we can use our wooden banner poles/stands.

·       Wentlyanna asked about the purpose of the Letters of Intent. Sterling explained that the Letters of Intent are essentially information for the MOL (much like a pre-registration for MOL). People can still come to the event even if they miss the deadline for letters of intent.

·       Cap on attendance is 300. Genevra suggested adding this information on the event listing.

·       Using safety cones as list corners.


·       Josh’s Ballista was great! Thank you to Sterling, Aaron, and Berk.

·       Sterling is thinking of putting together a Tournament with a Demo theme to get more fighters. Tanaka had a demo schedule at Rusted Woodlands Demo; Sterling suggested trying something like this. Genevra reminded everyone that when we did the Pirate Demo in Mt. Holly we had scheduled bouts and a fashion show.

Sheet Wall Workshop-Genevra

·       Genevra sent out an email to the Google Groups-She and Andre are hosting a workshop on Saturday, 11/12 (at Noon onwards) to start organizing, labeling, and repairing the current sheet walls. Collin volunteered to bring the sheet walls to their house at noon, and will stay until he has to leave for work.

Baronial Birthday

·       The Church is available on 2/25, 4/15, and 4/22 (not 3/18). They are perfectly happy to have us use the Church for this event and others including Investiture, as long as the dates are available on their calendar. They are charging us $350.

·       After some discussion, Collin will be Event Steward and Josh will be Deputy Event Steward. Collin will put together a bid, and get it to the Financial Committee.

·       Looking at an April date instead of February. Collin will look at his schedule, and let Genevra know if 4/15 or 4/22 will be the date. She will follow-up with Jan from the Church to reserve the date.

·       Discussed how to encourage new people from Geekfest to come the event:

o   Accepting donations to cover site fees with new folks only paying the NMS

o   Having “tour guides” to match up with new people at the event so that they are not on their own

o   Having some folks wearing one of the staff sashes to signify that new people can go to them. Diane will check the Autocrat box and see how many there are.

o   Coordinated with the Chatelaine

New Business:

Giving of the Bird

·       Discussed that December is too busy. Looking at Friday, 1/13. Creature let us know that in the past the fee for the Church was paid by an unknown donor.

·       Genevra will contact Jan from the Church about the date and fee.

Barter Event

·       Genevra suggested having a Barter event, possibly combined with Rapier and Rattan champs…possibly at the Church or at the Little Red Schoolhouse near Mickleton. Taka said that Schoolhouse is usually reserved 6 months out.

Motion made to adjourn and seconded.

Minutes submitted by Baroness Aibhilin inghean Ui Phaidinan

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