10-11-22 Virtual Iron Bog Meeting Minutes

Baronial Seat-Aibhilin and Declan

·       Thank you to Sterling and his amazing team for a wonderful event!

·       Thank you to Larry for stepping in not only to herald for us at River War, but to then volunteer to take over for the Office of Baronial Herald.

·       Congratulations to our new Baronial Champions!

·       Congratulations to the newest Incipient Barony…Hartshorn-dale.

·       Congratulations to Mistress Wentlyanna and Master Lorenzo on their elevations to the Order of the Pelican.

·       Folks from Runnymede spearheaded an Event Planning calendar that Seneschals and Baronial seats can access.

·       Upcoming events: Shire Wars, Buckland Cross Rapier and Rattan Champs, Crown Tourney, 100 Minutes, and Bhakail Yule.


·       We’re a little behind on officer elections. Tomorrow I will post which officer positions need elections.

·       We need to re-evaluate the Financial Committee; does everyone want to still be on it, and can folks still fulfill their duties.

·       The Crown has put out a request for an Event Bid for Crown Tourney, which is supposed to be a Southern Region.




·       Declan will be assisting with the Court report.

Knight Marshal-Sterling

·       Practice continues in the Cooper River Park.  As we have hit the beginning of the cold months practice will keep going till the weather beats us (me) back. Note if you don’t know I do not like the cold weather.

·       Once a week a poll goes up on the facebook’s Iron Bog Fighter page. That polling goes up to get an idea of attendance. Lacking attendance can, will, and has resulted in a canceled practice.

·       Questions regarding practice please ask.

·       Will try to motivate fighters to come out to Geek Fest.

·       There has been small conversation about having a mock tourney on 10/30. Stay tuned for more details. Will depend on the interest and of course weather.

Fence Marshall-Taka

·       Sunday practice is still held at Cooper River Park, Pennsauken. Hoping that folks mark the poll and come out to play. Of course, weather pending. Come out and bring a friend or two…

·       Like the heavies possible mock tourney on the 30th — info pending

Company Captain of the Archers

Master of the Lists- Hiromasa

·       MOL did happen.  Yay!!!  At ORW I was joined by a great teacher and learned a lot.

·       As for the report, we had a great event with little issues that were dealt with and I don’t have all the numbers here but it was a good event held by all. 

·       I need to email up to the chain and report our event. Had it looked over and now that I have a working printer and scanner it will be sent out this week. 

·       I received an email asking if there was a change in the MOL for Iron Bog and I did reply stating that there was and that I am in the process of being the MOL.

Mistress of A&S-Wentlyana

·       No report.


·       Special shout out to Genevra, Wentlyanna and Aibhilin for taking the reins with the Fall SJ Geekfest. I promise I will have much more bandwidth post-wedding for things. 

·       That being said, if you have not seen it, there is a google sheets file that was sent out via email and on Facebook for those who are interested in attending and what activity(ies) you will be doing/stuff that you will bring to display. I’m sure we can reshare tonight if you cannot locate said file.

·       I highly encourage people to come out to this demo – it’s a fun time to get together but also share with others what we are all about. We get a decent bit of foot traffic, too.


·       Nothing new to report.


·       No report.


·       3rd quarter issue of the Iron Monger published today.


·       No report.

Chancellor of Youth-Fiadhnait

·       There were Youth Activities at River War. During the morning hours, youth of varying ages were able to show off their artistic skills by decorating their own banner.

·       In the afternoon, there were Olympic activities to participate in: pool noodle javelin, frisbee discuss, inflatable gladiator fights, and more. Fun was had all around. 

Financial Committee

·       Nothing before the committee.

Charter Committee

Disbanded until further need arises.

Old business:

River War-Sterling

·       The event was a success. Many aspects of the event seem to go very well. With that said, I cannot express to each and every one of you my gratitude for your time that you volunteered to make the event as successful as it was.

·       This event does have a lot of moving parts but the team came together to make it just right. I was reminded that social media is good to make posts but I should also make posts on the google groups page as well….

·       Below is a small snip from the posting that was made on Facebook:

“to those both in and out of the Barony thank you for trusting in the idea/ dream. Beth Adams and Bob, Sandi Doner, Kathryn Hanson, John Turnea, Joshua Berry, Kimberly Kinyon, Katya Gordon, Joel Doner, Erica Zubrin Janowitz, Angus MacKay, Eric Price, Mike Craig, Gil MacLachlan DeHolrode,@Theresa LoGullo,@Nichole Ray, Joseph R Bennett,@Nina Rosenberg,@Jason Declan Janowitz, Michelle Elinsky, Megan Jansen, Kimberly Miller,@Jane McAdams, Kiena Stewart, Ellesbeth Donofrey,@Bill Clarkson, Collin Monro and Family Diane and Katie,@Andre Epervier,@Samantha Fina, Michael Torpey, Deborah Crouse-Torpey, Douglas Brooks, Mikael Melrakki,@Mike Bannon, Myq LaSala,@Amelia DiCarlo, @Paige Marie as well as many many more people. If i missed anyone I am sorry your help was very valuable to the success of this event. I do very much hope and wish to you that you continue feeling that rush knowing that you were a part of an event that made so many people embrace having great fun. Thank you very much. Without these and more people like them, this “little” event that team “Iron Bog” hosts wouldn’t be successful”

·       The event had 295 attendees (camping and day trip). With cutting back on a few things we ended up well under budget. We had a profit of over $700.00.

·       I do hope that the future event steward continues the growth of the theme as we embrace friendly competition. Who knows may just may more baronies, more medal winners and even more smiles.

·       Declan and Aibhilin shared how appreciative the Equestrians are that Iron Bog always makes sure to include equestrian activities and River Wars is one of the only ones in the southern region. 

·       Valery suggested having a contact number for the day of an event which Hartshorn-dale had when she got lost. We had great signs at our event.

·       Genevra-great placement for the 3 vigils near the lower kitchen with ample space for all three tents.

·       Larry-Ryo’s Squire, Thaddeus, cleaned all the horse poop that was on the fighting field. Their Royal Majesties who awarded him the new Crescent and Rabbit award.

·       Katya-Thank you to Diane who is a Rock Star at Troll, and helped Katya who hadn’t run Troll before.

·       Sterling would love to see the Theme grow, and would recommend that whoever runs the event keep a Theme. Discussed how people loved the medals!

Beast of the East-Sterling

·       January 7th will be here before we know it.

·       Currently working acquiring staff to make sure things run as smoothly as possible.   Want to volunteer?   ——   MIC Rapier, Marshals, Troll, MOL’s Set up, Clean up, media

·       Will be posting pictures of the site using a link to a google sheet

·       Having thoughts of adding an A&S display 

·       A deposit for the site has been made

·       Will have more updates soon… even if not in a meeting.


·       Saturday, 10/29

·       Google sheets file that was sent out via email and on Facebook for those who are interested in attending and what activity(ies) you will be doing/stuff that you will bring to display.

·       We can direct interested people in fighting/fencing to the FB Iron Bog Fighter Practice Page. Aibhilin offered to print out business cards with the Barony’s info and the Fighter Practice Page on it. Sterling is planning on holding practice on the 30th and having a Mock Tournament that day.

·       Would anyone be interested in manning an indoor table or taking turns manning it?

·       Sterling will try to get as many fighters as possible.

·       Josh offered to bring his Siege Weaponry/Combat Archery equipment.


·       Sunday, 10/30 at 2:00pm at the Armageddon Brewery.

·       Posted on Facebook. Katherine asked someone to post to the email list since she doesn’t have access.

Sheet Walls

·       Andre and Genevra will look at their schedule to see when they are available to host, and put out a post starting a monthly workshop.

·       Eldrich does not have the stencil, but can make a new stencil. We can see if Creature has the stencil.

·       Diane asked about what fabric is best. Diane thinks she has the bin of sheet walls.

Baronial Birthday event-Genevra/Aibhilin

·       Genevra sent an email to the Church in Moorestown, and will also email the Friends Meeting in Woodstown.

·       Aibhilin put together all the previous details/information from the planning of the original event

New Business:

Baron Larry volunteered to take over the remaining term as Baronial Herald, and Peach has volunteered to serve as his Deputy. Voted and approved.

Possible new site for River War-

·       Salem County FairGrounds- It is a great site with great facilities. However, Collin, Larry, and Taka have all tried to contact them, and have not heard back from them.

·       Discussed Sterling going forward to reserve our River War dates for next year at the Mullica Hill 4-H Fairgrounds. He will reserve 9-22-23 to 9-24-23.

·       Genevra plans to put together a bid for the Barony to purchase a big camp stove that could be used at events.

Annika has been working on Scribal Arts with a couple from Wenonah who have come back to the SCA.

Motion made to adjourn and seconded.

Submitted by Baroness Aibhilin inghean Ui Phaidin

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