10/10/23-Virtual Business Meeting Minutes

Baronial Seat-Genevra and Andre

·       We had River Wars with a good turnout despite the weather. Thank you to everyone who came out and helped. Thank you Collin, Katya, Cait, Valery and their staff, the Marshals, and everyone

·       We have 3 new Baronial Champions: Thrown Weapons-Taka, A&S- Emine, Archery- Ellyn. Thank you to the outgoing champions and congratulations to the new champions.

·       We’ll be going to Coronation this weekend, and then to An Dubh’s Investiture the following weekend. Please let us know if you have any largesse. The hole in the medallions is 3mm; cords probably need to be 2mm or smaller.

·       Reach out if there is anyone you’d like to recommend for a Baronial and/or Kingdom Level award.


·       Will be out of town from 10/18 to 11/19.


·       Working on final totals during the meeting.

·       We need to open a new checking account.


·       Declan will reach out to Larry to see if he needs any assistance with the River War court report.

Knight Marshal-Sterling

·       Still having outdoor fighter and fencing practice on Sundays.

·       Getting colder. Starting to look for an indoor winter site.

·       Still looking for a Knight Marshal replacement.

Fence Marshall-Larry

·       There was fencing at River Wars

·       There are 2 new fencers who have been coming to Sunday practices.

Company Captain of the Archers

Position is vacant

Master of the Lists- Hiromasa

·       We had River Wars. I have the winner of a score of 71 to Guillaume DuChamtier in the Heavy list. I want to thank Ellesbeth for helping with the heavy and keeping me on track. I do not have a listed winner for Fencing since I already handed in my report to the Kingdom MOL that was there. I want to thank Maxine Lee, do not remember her Scadian name, for MOLing the Fencer list.

·       As for youth, in attendance was Baroness Judith the Confused and marshaling Janette Colquhoun. Thank you both for the help

Mistress of A&S- Katherine

·       No report.


·       We should be gearing up for Geekfest. Would like to have business cards to give out. Aibhilin created business cards that are in the “pink bag”.


·       The wall hangings are at Collin and Diana’s, and will be brought back to Genevra and Andre’s.

·       There are now bins of table clothes, etc that were at Creature’s house


·       The internet is working and the website is current.

·       At the meeting, discussed some updates needed including Genevra having access. Elizabeth will reach out to Ehardt with details.


·       Iron Monger has not gone out.

·       Pixie needs an updated list of officers for the newsletter.


·       Needs River War Court Report to update our History.

Chancellor of Youth-Fiadhnait

·       Nothing to report

Financial Committee

·       Nothing before the committee

Charter Committee

Disbanded until further need arises.

Old business:

River War-Collin

·       Collin thanked everyone who came and everyone who helped.

·       Everyone had a good time.

·       The site increased the price $400 without telling anyone; however, it is in the contract that they charge for the bathrooms and trash removals which they have never charged us for before. We had some people request refunds before the event. Kingdom bi-laws state no refunds after 48 hours. We lost $78.40.

·       Balthazar suggested that someone go out on Thursday before the event when there are people there to check on what is working or turned on. Collin started turning things on when he arrived on site on Friday at 9:00am. Discussed that the equipment maintenance at the site tends to be inconsistent.

·       Valery said that she went over budget for the campers’ Friday night dinner and Saturday morning. However, all the sandwiches were eaten. She would be happy to help someone else, but would not like to run it again.

·       Sterling-Collin put together a well-run and smooth event. Suggested we might want to have a more focused theme like other events have been doing.

·       Genevra- Feast was amazing; it was a shame that people left due to the weather.

·       Diana-we got a lot of pre-registrations, and we did not take an incredible loss due to the weather because of the pre-registrations. Food was wonderful. We need to check the equipment at the site ourselves given the unreliability. We need someone for information point/site direction, especially on Friday night and the first few hours on Saturday. Valery and Creature suggested different colored flags and/or lights.

October GeekFest-Genevra

·       Saturday, 10/28/23. Genevra put out a message and sign-up sheet to start to get volunteers. Unfortunately that weekend is busy: Buckland Cross has a Champions Tourney and Settmour Swamp has a Schola.

·       We transferred the primary contact person from Aibhilin to Genevra.

·       Valery is looking at updating handouts and business cards.

·       If you’re demonstrating something, can you have something that people can try? Do we want to have some planned activities/tourneys? Do we want to do a Fashion Show like we did at the old demo in Mt. Holly?

·       One of our challenges has been with follow-up. If you spend a lot of time talking with someone, try to get their contact information and/or put it on the contact sheet. Let’s have that person in the Barony be the one to then make contact with the person after the Demo.

·       How much contact do we want to make, how many times do you reach out to someone if they don’t respond?

Marlton Halloween Parade

·       Josh and Katherine weren’t at the meeting tonight so Jon shared the plans

·       Josh will be using his truck and will be decorating his trailer as a float. They will use sheet walls, put his smaller ballista on it, will put 2 skeletons dressed as heavy fighters, and will have benches for people to sit on the trailer. They can hand out candy (not throw it).

Beast of the East-Sterling

·       Genevra hasn’t heard back from Ryan from GeekFest about the HS rental. She will reach out to Gateway High School administration for information. Aibhilin reached out to the head of Woodbury Heights Dept. of Public Works about renting the Community Center, and sent him an email at his request but has not heard back. The Church is no longer renting out to non-faith based events. Dream Park did not have the dates available.

·       Since we don’t have another site, Genevra and Andre suggested that we go with Sterling’s original proposal at the Marlton Field House, which had already been approved. It was voted to continue with the original proposal.

New Business:

Giving of the Bird-

·       Need a new location. It was originally held in someone’s home, but there were parking issues or allergen issues. It was suggested that we find a small rental such as a VFW or Fire Hall. Genevra and Andre may be able to host.

Potential venues/sites-

·       If you have any ideas or leads, please reach out to them if you can or please reach out to Genevra.

·       Katya suggested the Pemberton community center.

·       Sabina offered to create a spreadsheet so we can keep track of where we are calling.

Iron Bog Trim-Genevra

·       Reached out to Calendar Trim about Iron Bog trim. Genevra posted his design and information on the email list and FB page.

·       Minimum of 300 yards at 3.00/yd., and if we do 500yds the cost goes down to 2.50.

·       Some individuals have already expressed an interest. Does the Barony want to also purchase some to have for regalia and/or to have on hand for anyone in the future who may want some?

·       Balthazar offered to do some different graphic designs for the trim. If folks are looking to order the 300 yards, he would be happy to put in for the remaining 200 yards to decrease the price for everyone.


·       Discussed wanting to be able to have a Baronial budget for the Scribes however there may be EK law regarding the Barony providing a budget for supplies that would be used by Scribes for scrolls for other Barony and/or Kingdom scrolls.

·       Discussed having a fundraiser at an event for the Scribes. Suggested having the Scribal wish list posted (eg, website).

Motion made to adjourn and seconded.

Minutes submitted by Baroness Aibhilin inghean Ui Phaidin

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