4/7/20 Virtual Business Meeting

Held via Google Meet

Baronial Seat-Aibhilin and Declan

  • EK Virtual Court is being held on You Tube this weekend, Saturday, 4/11 at 4:00pm with a Cocktail Hour to follow.
  • There may be a 2nd one on 4/26.
  • Roses is still on the calendar, and will be Roses Extra Large-Coronation and Crown Tourney.
  • SRWC is still on the calendar. EK Curia will be held at SRWC at 11:00am immediately following morning court. Agenda and details of proposed changes will posted for all on the Seneschal’s website when they are available.
  • Other groups are holding Virtual activities such as Socials and Brunch with the Baroness. Would people be interested in Iron Bog doing this?
    • People are interested. Looking at evenings and weekend days (for those who are still working.
    • Ideas: Brunch with Baroness, Cocktails with the Baron, Classes, A&S Gatherings (e.g., folks who weave).
    • Email the list if there is something you’d like to learn.
    • Discussed setting the first Cocktails with the Baron and Baroness Saturday, 4/18.


  • Welcome to our 1st online Virtual Business Meeting,
  • I hope everyone is doing well. If you need anything please reach out to us.


  • No report.


  • Nothing to report as our recent event was cancelled.

Knight Marshal-Sterling

  • So there has been virtual practicing going on all over the place. There are multi Dukes and Knights putting up training videos. Take the time view them – Make notes – ask questions… I am available for questions comments thoughts and or ideas.
  • If you are in a silly/funny mood there is an armor dancing competition going on virtually as well. I am thinking I might have to add my own in just because…
  • .. by now you know the Drill…
  • I will say this that when we are allow to gather I will mostly try to use the park at Cooper River on the Island park to do a focus style practice. The focus will be more on drills less on sparring. Will have to see how things play out…
  • Be well be safe and yes slow work while we have the time…

Rapier Marshall-Taka

  • Today the Society released the new rules for Rapier. It will be on the SCA website shortly. It may be on Facebook. There are some changes in verbiage and gender neutral terms. Cut and Thrust can now be Melees (3 on 3). Spears have been added with particular conditions. Archery has been added in certain scenarios.
  • These are the Society rules, we don’t know which changes the East Kingdom will be adopting.

Company Captain of the Archers-Eoin

  • No report.

Mistress of the Lists- Sterling

  • In the land of MOL it has been quite lonely… I have been sitting her by the list watching the grass grow — looking for a pair of fencer/fighters to come along ssssiiigh!!!….
  • No special news …
  • I have been in contact with our Knight Marshal and have posed the idea of have a viral tourney… yes he thinks the idea is funny as much as I do.
  • The way “we’ were thinking of doing is using dice. Sadly we have not worked out all the details to be able to take it public… IF you want to help write up the idea for the first ever none D&D virtual SCA tourney let’s talk.
  • Anyhow … now that you are “groaning” and shaking your head. If nothing else if you smiled a little then awesome…

Mistress of A&S-Dru

  • No report.


  • Nothing report.


  • Nothing to report.


  • No report


  • 1st Quarter issue of the Iron Monger went out.


  • No report.

Chancellor of Youth-Fiadhnait

  • No recent activities.

Financial Committee

  • Nothing before the committee.

Charter Committee

Disbanded until further need arises.

Old business:

SJ Geekfest

Has been rescheduled for June 6th.


  • Will be cancelled.
  • It is not possible to reschedule any events (Maybe, Bog Mitzvah) at this time because we don’t know when the quarantine will be lifted.
  • Aibhilin and Declan brought up the possibility of not rescheduling Maybe, and having a simple Commons to hold the Baronial Rapier and Rattan Champs, as well as, holding the Bog Mitzvah next year in March as a Bog Mitzvah 2.0 (Genevra suggested the name “Belated Bog Mitzvah”) Also, there may a lot of groups try to re-schedule events and we don’t want to overwhelm the calendar.
  • Andre asked we could keep the Rapier and Rattan champs for another year.
  • These ideas can be pondered on, and will addressed at some time in the future.


  • Still on at this time

River War-Sterling

  • We have the site, and the site has the money they need.
  • So in today’s news and update on River War.  With War practice canceled next month it is up in the air about War of the Rose’s. We could hope that it too is not pulled.  We may end up with more folks that are trying to make up for time lost of not camping.  That would be something.
  • In truth I have not worked on this this past month. Why mainly because I personally feel weird about advertising for the River War with all that is going on. Also just in case that Maybe DOES happen I do not want to post out that might cause that event to fall into the shadows.  This is my personal feeling.
  • Wait pause let’s back up … I did work on River War a tiny bit… SOOOO with all the cancellation and moving stuff around, I had a thought/idea bounce through my head. After both my deputy and our Seneschal gave the green light I emailed the powers to be and ask if they would consider using River War as Fall Coronation. Now I know we will not get an answer till after Crown but at least the bid is long in.  The idea is that since River War’s is on the last weekend in Sept it is a possibility date for Coronation.  Anyhow it is just a thought/idea at the moment.

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