Business Meeting Minutes-2/4/20

Iron Bog Meeting Minutes

Baronial Seat-Aibhilin and Declan
• Birka-Lissa was given a writ for the Order of the Pelican and will be elevated at Q&C A&S.
• Upcoming events:
o 2/8 Carillion Bell Ringers
o 2/15 Buckland Cross- Hafla, Aedult Swim in Aethelmarc
o 2/22 Caer Adament-Q&C Bardic Champs & Stringy Thyngy
o 2/29 Dragon Havenship-Q&C A&S Champs
• Service Scola Round Table-Southern Region Google Group-Discussed setting up a Southern Region Google Group for local Seneschals, Baronial Seats, and Event Stewards to compare calendars and reach out to one another about events in the planning stages. Declan will set this up.
• New award-the Iron Anchor-name and badge presented at a business meeting, then placed in next Newsletter and website within 5 days, then voted on at the next business meeting by majority. We were under the impression that the Silver Cattail could only be given to a member of the Barony. However, it was discussed that the most current Charter which does not state whether that is accurate. In fact, the Charter does not specify details on any of the Baronial Awards. Aibhilin will reach out to the former Baronial Seats, Seneschals, and the Historian to see which documents have the information.
• Categories to add to the left side of the website: Recurrent day/time/place of business meetings, Link for monthly practices/gatherings (listed in Newsletter), Folder for Files/Documents (Charter, Event Planner).
• Andre-please give us a list of the members of the Iron Garde: So far: Taka, Angus, Bob and Eoin.

• The profit sharing law was pushed back another year to give the EK Exchequer time to go over the books and determine the impact of the law.
• Now will have a Youth Championship for Divisions 2 and 3. It’s a 6 month reign.

• No report.

• Needs to get last year’s Court Report for Pennsic. All other reports are in.
• Email award recommendations to Their Excellencies.

Knight Marshal-Sterling
• Well the holidays are behind us. We the Barony still do not have a site for practice. Our normal Sunday afternoon spot has been taken over by the practice in Hopewell.
• Trying to figure out when to have a local practice that will fit into schedule and not get in the way of other practices. Currently thinking every other Sunday but still need to find a place first.
• I will try to up my efforts. At worst case this spring and summer will find a park to play in. Would personal prefer something not so public but will do whatever is needed.
• Monthly tip:
o Footwork: If you can walk, run, dance then you can do footwork drills. Take 10 minutes a day just to concentrate on how your feet move. As you are walking image how they will move during a bout.
o Footwork and visualization. “They say if you can see it you can do it”. Take 10 minutes a day – 70 minutes in a week just to focus on your work drills. Slow and steady.
• In other news around the world — Our Kingdom Knight marshal is currently searching for a replacement.

Fence Marshall-Taka
• No injuries occurred since last meeting.
• At one practice a tip came off a blade. Hold was immediately called and the tip was re-taped and the blade was inspected before being used again.
• Thursday practices continue to have regular attendance. He have periodically been visited by individuals from outside the Barony and their support helps break up the monotony of fighting the same people.
• Awesome times continue to be had.
• Youth Fencing continues to happen and we are grateful for the Youth Marshals that allow us to do so.
• 2 Fencing masks have been added to the loaner gear of the Barony. Due to their age they will need to be modified with internal padding to accommodate armor standards.

Company Captain of the Archers-Eoin
• No report.

Mistress of the Lists- Sterling
• Cards -Paperwork- Cards – Paperwork….and on and on. Sometimes there even a chance to watch the tournaments which equals paperwork.
• All of this is share with you just to let you know that the MOL will help with the paperwork needed to so “you” can have your card to be able to play in the tournament.
• TIP of the month: Once you get your card make a copy for your armor bag. Keep a copy in your wallet/purse and a copy in your armor carrying bag.
• I believe this the month when my yearly report is due in to the Kingdom. IF it is then by the time we have out monthly meeting my report will have gone in. IF this is not the month for that then disregard the previous statement.

Mistress of A&S-Dru
• No report.

Chatelaine: Alexis
• Nothing new to report.
• With two major events coming up, we should check on the state of gold key. I will make a Facebook post asking that if anyone needs gold key for any of the events to please reach out to make sure it is available for them.

• There have been no changes to the inventory that I have been made aware of since our last meeting.
• If you have an item from the last event that you have not returned to its original location, please let me know so I can put in its temporary location.
• For upcoming events, please let me know what you take so I can make a note of it on the sheet.
• SHOUT OUT: A BIG THANK YOU to Pixie for updating the current inventory to a new style and for double checking the current Inventory that is located at Creatures, primarily the Kitchen Inventory. This new version will be a better for our Cooks to find and return items (we hope).

• The quarterly report was completed to kingdom.
• I will be uploading documents from the schola to the iron bog website shortly for sharing to all interested parties

• No report.

• No report.

Chancellor of Youth-Fiadhnait
• I wasn’t able to attend the schola event and so didn’t run any youth activities there. I am planning on running activities at Bog Mitzvah if needed.
• I was unfortunately late in filing my quarterly report and will do better in setting a reminder for that.

Financial Committee
• Nothing before the committee at this time.

Old business:
Giving of the Bird-Went well. Not enough stealing.

Southern Region Service Schola
Had about 50 people. Seemed to be well-received.
Owynn believes the reports went in, and will follow-up with Erhart.

Bog Mitzvah-Larry
• We had a staff meeting on last Thursday. The staff meeting will be on Thursday 2/20/2020 at 730 pm.
• We think the PayPal issue is resolved. I have been talking to some musicians and trying to get commitments. We need kitchen volunteers.
• We have added youth fencing to the agenda. We are looking for someone to run an A +S competition. Bakhail’s bardic champ to run IB Bardic Champions.
• Site tokens are progressing nicely. Geneva will be hosting a tasting for feast and Pixie will be testing someday board items this coming Saturday at Genevra’s house.
• I am in the process of procuring prizes for the tourneys. Any suggestions or possible donations will be appreciated.
• Genevra is having a project day and taste testing in the evening.

• Anna will be running Thrown Weapons. Dru has put out requests for Artisans to demo and/or teach.
• Sterling: I have been ask to be the MIC for the heavy tourney. I believe the current champion has an idea for the tourney. In my opinion it will be a no frills, no thrills tourney. Meaning nothing outside of the ordinary (Round robin – Bear pit).
• Also since I am the MOL – I was also asked to find a MOL to run the list. I will attempt to find someone to be the MOL. I currently do not have an answer at the moment.

River War-Sterling
• I am happy to announce that we will be having some equestrian. I am going to bet that their Excellencies will wish to have the champion ride as in previous years?
• Thus far activities that we have confirmed Marshal for: Fencing, Archery, Youth Fighting, A&S Row, Bardic fun, Helga Ball.
• The menu should be ready by this weekend.
• The A&S format- theme should be posted by the end of this weekend.
• We are in the process of trying to see if we can get price quotes from other Port-o-Potty places. This is with the hope of getting more for the site.
• We will be putting out a request for pop-ups to be use for the weekend.
• We would like volunteers to help with setup and clean up
• We would also like to ask that those of you that have a social media page to at some point (starting in March) post about the event. Not just copy the link but make a real post adding in the link to the event announcement. Why are you going to the event? Why are you excited about the event? Why do you feel your friends should give up a weekend to come to this event?
• FYI once a few more activities are locked in and the site is updated then the public will see more information.
• PLEASE if “YOU” have questions, comments, thoughts and or ideas please do not hesitate to reach out. Remember your conversation maybe something that pushes this event to another level. and — *** PLEASE put River War in the subject line***

New Business:
SouthJersey GeekFest
• Genevra will share contact information with Alexis.
• Saturday, April 11th.

New Purchases- Genevra
Genevra requested a budget of $150.00 for kitchen equipment and tablecloths. 3 out 5 members of the financial committee were present and voted to approve the expenditure.

Motion made to adjourn and seconded.
Recorded and submitted by Baroness Aibhilin

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