Business Meeting Minutes: 12/3/19

Iron Bog Meeting Minutes


Officer Reports:


  • Greetings from your friendly neighborhood seneschal. So as to keep you all safe, I will not be there tonight. Baron Declan will be chairing the meeting in my absence.
  • As announced last month, the chronicler position will be voted upon tonight. I have not received any letters of intent at this time. Pixie will send in a letter of intent to continue in the position for next month’s meeting.


  • Balance as of 10/31/19 $9084.74.


  • Nothing new.
  • Quarterly report and event report are in.

Knight Marshal-Sterling

  • Work schedule still has me tied up during the day to search for indoor sites. There is a practice in Hopewell and in Delaware on Sunday’s. Current Iron bog is still without a fighter practice. Still would love a hand with searching for leads on an indoor site…
  • Fighters… yes it is getting cold out but you can still do slow drills, watch videos and have conversation– the weather will break soon… Melees will be here before you know …
  • My KM report did go in.

Rapier Marshal-Taka

  • Continue to have practice on Thursdays with the exception of last Thursday due to Thanksgiving.
  • Averaging about 10-15 people per week including 3 youths.
  • Taka is planning on getting his youth marshalette. Declan will reach out to Wentlyanna to get the background check process for Taka.
  • No injuries to date.
  • Got the report information from Southern Region Rapier Marshal so Taka knows what to report when the next one is due in February.

Company Captain of the Archers-Eoin

  • My report went in on time and nothing much has happened since River Wars. I would still encourage each and every one of you to spend you winter time getting your gear ready for next year (as I hope to do).
  • In the spring I am hoping to find a place for practice and, even though I am no longer on the road as much, I find myself very busy.

Mistress of the Lists- Sterling

  • Paper work! Paper work! Paper Work!!
  • You need it? You want it? You don’t have it? Let us have a conversation….
  • No frills — No thrills

Mistress of A&S-Drueta

  • My report has gone in on time.
  • The A&S website has been completely overhauled. If you have seen it yet go and check it out.
  • Thanks to Mistress Vika Griggina z Prahy Victoria Swann and Baroness Ysmay de Lynn for their hard work.

Chatelaine: Alexis

  • Sent out emails (about 8-10) to anyone who expressed interested in GeekFest.
  • Declan suggested sending out another email to them about the upcoming events.


  • Nothing to report.
  • Aibhilin will hand over the box of kitchen items to Pixie that Baron Duncan gifted us at Giving of the Bird.


  • All the new officers’ emails have been updated.
  • Declan asked to verify who is on the financial committee email.
  • Declan-we have a Google Group set up, and Declan will be exporting the everyone’s email addresses the Yahoo Group to the Google Group. No one has to do anything.


  • Next issue comes out in the end of the December.
  • Aibhilin asked Pixie to send the newsletter to the Iron Bog group.


  • No report.

Chancellor of Youth-Fiadhnait

  • I won’t be able to make it tonight. I don’t think I have anything to report.

Financial Committee

  • Larry submitted a revised budget for the Iron Bog Mitzvah.
  • Genevra submitted a budget for the Maybe Event.
  • Sterling submitted an event budget for River War 2020.


Old Business:

Giving of the Bird

  • January 10th. Can arrive at 6pm for set up with an actual start up at 7pm.
  • Creature doesn’t know if the cooks can get in earlier to prep for the Service Schola

Southern Region Service Schola-Earhart

  • Saturday, January 11th.
  • Earhart is working on finalizing teachers and volunteers.
  • Genevra passed out the dayboard menu.

Iron Bog Mitzvah-Larry

  • Larry passed out a revised budget.
  • Genevra passed out the feast menu.
  • Aibhilin talked to Ian Douglas who suggested that we reach out Doug Doan from the EK College of Performers about the Bardic Championship.
  • Discussed the budget and break-even numbers. Feast will be changed to $10 a person with a 64 person max.
  • Voted and approved on revised budget.
  • Larry will start staff meetings; the first one will be on a Thursday on the 1st couple weeks of the New Year at 7pm at Fencing Practice.

Maybe Event-Genevra

  • Passed out budget. About the same as last year with the exception of the Church being $50 less.
  • Alexis will service as Newcomer Liaison.
  • On Church’s calendar for 5/9/19
  • Voted and approved budget and event.
  • Genevra will submit the event listing tonight.

New Business:

River War 2020

  • Date is the last weekend of September, which may be the date of Coronation.
  • Sterling submitted event bid and budgets for with and without Royals.
  • Budget includes increased cost of Porta Potties.
  • Camper fee $25, Day fee $15, Feast $10. Discussed dayboard options including having dayboard as a separate fee, having dayboard included for pre-registrations only, but with on-site fee the same as pre-registered but without food.
  • Sterling was voted in as Autocrat for River War 2020. He will put a place holder on the EK event listing.
  • He will work on the budget and dayboard options for the next meeting.

From the Baronial Seat:

  • Crown Tourney was held and we have 2 Princes. They are using the titles Prince and Prince, but at Coronation they will use Roman titles.
  • In November we had a Brunch with the Baroness at Dru and Bob’s, a Sewing Day at our house, and a Project Day at Anna’s. Thank you to Dru, Bob, and Anna for opening your homes. I apologize that we did not share the post about the Project Day on the email list in addition to its posting on FB.
  • Meeting Location 2020-Linda from the Library reached out me, and I completed a new contract for 2020 to continue our meetings on the 1st Tuesday of month with the exception of June and November due to elections.
  • Bhakail’s Yule and Investiture in on 12/14.
  • Aibhilin and Declan will host an EK Wiki day at their home in the New Year to help people set-up and work on their Wiki pages and set-up their EK emails.

New News:

  • Larry announced and congratulated Baron Declan on his appointment as the Southern Region Rapier Commander. Declan will be holding practice starting in March. He’d like to hold a practice at the Pine Hill Boy Scout camp (front lawn/fort).
  • Larry also announced and congratulated Lady Renata (Shelby) on her Silver Wheel and AOA.

Motion made to adjourn and seconded.

Submitted by Baroness Aibhilin inghean Ui Phaidin

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