9/8/20-Virtual Business Meeting


**The Seneschal posted and read the Society’s Bullying and Harassment Statement.

Baronial Seat-Aibhilin and Declan

  • We have new Consuls. They will be holding Ethereal Court twice a month: the 2nd Sunday of the month will be the Awards Court, and the 4th Sunday of the month will be an Interactive Court. Each Thursday night there will be a Zoom meeting with the Consuls with different Orders to give out awards.
  • Last week they quickly hit the 100 person Zoom cap for the meeting of the Service Orders. However, funds were raised to pay for a larger sized meeting to accommodate everyone.
  • The MOAS office has multiple weekly virtual A&S offerings.
  • Katya taught 2 Kitchener classes that were recorded.


  • The Baronial Seneschal’s office is up for renewal. Owynn put out a request for Letters of Intent, but did not receive any. He also had posted: “As my 2 year term is up, I will be seeking an extension to my term. If anyone else is interested in the positing please let myself and the Baron or Baroness know. Owynn took off his headset as the populace in attendance voted. Owynn was given a vote of confidence to continue as Seneschal for another year.
  • If anyone is interested in the position for when his term ends, please reach out to Owynn, as he would like to train his replacement, and have a smooth transition during and after the Pandemic.
  • Next month the Baronial MOAS office will be up for vote.


  • I’m still waiting for my warrant and banking info.


  • No report.

Knight Marshal-Sterling

  • There have been no armor practices. There have not been any Iron Bog fighter practice. There have been a few classes on the use of spear. There is talk of ideas for a class or two on great sword, pole and so forth… At some point when the winter comes, I will have to figure something out…
  • Other than that I have nothing… unless you would like to hear tales of my mental Pennsic….

Fence Marshall-Taka

  • Nothing to report.

Company Captain of the Archers-Eoin

  • Unfortunately, there is no new news.
  • We have received the procedures for setting up practice, but without a place to practice, we can’t set anything up. The procedure calls for finding a place, making an appointment, submitting the notice with time, place and how the shoot will take place to the seneschal (probably spelled that wrong), who then forwards it to Kingdom level for approval. Once it is approved it comes back to me. I’ll review it again and go over the procedures before the next meeting.

Mistress of the Lists- Sterling

  • Blah Blah Blah…soon to be new forms out which will cover the new spear authorization for fencing. It is a good that I didn’t have 20 plus copies of the soon to be old form printed up. I would have ended up with a new paper air-force.
  • All jokes aside … nothing new here.

Mistress of A&S-Dru

  • No report.

Chatelaine: Alexis

  • Nothing new to report.
  • Just a side note, that SJ Geekfest did postpone their fall event to spring of 2021.


  • No report.


  • No report.


  • No report.


  • We still have history.

Chancellor of Youth-Fiadhnait

  • No report.

Charter Committee-currently on hiatus.

Financial Committee

  • Nothing before the committee.

Old business:

Genevra asked about when we should start trying to plan the postponed events. The Bailiwick of Ivyeinrust is holding Thémè at Penn Returns on Saturday, March 13th, and Settmour Swamp is holding Mudthaw Returns on Saturday, March 20th. Creature said that the Church is having outdoor services, and is not yet scheduling indoor activities. Owynn said that since our events were postponed we will not need to go through the full bidding process again, and will not worry about 6 month requirement. We will be waiting to see what happens with the Pandemic and when the Church is ready to start scheduling indoor activities.

New Business-No new business

Motion made to adjourn and seconded.

Submitted by Baroness Aibhilin inghean Ui Phaidin

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