8/16/22-Virtual Business Meeting Minutes

The SCA Bullying and Harassment statement was posted by the Seneschal.

Baronial Seat-Aibhilin and Declan

·       We just got back from Pennsic. Wentlyanna got a Writ, and will be elevated to the Order of the Pelican at River War. Josh and Katherine had a scroll go out at EK Court.

·       Next events that are RPs: Barleycorn on Labor Day weekend, Ducal Challenge, and then River War.


·       There has been a call put out for Kingdom Level events bids whose bid deadline has expired with no accepted bid.

o   Crown Tournament – Northern Region – 1st Weekend of November

o   Bardic Champions – Winter Reign

o   A&S Champions – Winter Reign

·       Our Ballot for the new Baronial Seat has been sent off to the Kingdom Polling Deputy for approval.  A 50% return is required for a valid polling so I ask you all to return your ballots ASAP and don’t wait for the deadline due to possible postal delays, I will be sure to let people know as soon as they are mailed.

·       Reminded to all Officers and people on the Financial Committee to be sure you are checking your kingdom emails.  I know that everyone is a volunteer, but other people are relying on us doing our jobs.  

·       We lost an event due to lack of folks checking those emails.


·       Exchequer 2nd quarter report was turned in, it was delayed due to issues getting the bank statements. I’m hopeful by the time of the meeting we’ll have an active PayPal pre-registration link.  It was delayed due to cost changes, the decision to remove the food cost from the event announcement then they wouldn’t set it up until my report was turned in. Our balance at the end of July was $8,465.56.  We spent $460.97 for the R & R champion event, and the deposit from the event we were going to have at the Woodstown Friends was deposited.  It should make our balance $8,304.59, before any expenses occur for River War.

·       Still no word on my warrant and we can’t fix or open a new account until I have that.  I’ll nag the regional some more hopefully with Pennsic being over we’ll make headway.


·       The Barony’s new Herald (Yours truly) had the honor of being the Court Herald at Baronial Court in Pennsic last week. I believe that I did well – several folks did say so to me. My thanks go out to Baroness Aibhilin and Baron Declan for their assistance and patience as I learn my new role.

Knight Marshal-Sterling

·       Nothing new to report.

Fence Marshall-Taka

·       Nothing new to report.

Company Captain of the Archers

Master of the Lists- Hiromasa

·       Nothing new to report. 

Mistress of A&S-Wentlyanna

·       There will be an A&S competition at River War to select a new champion. The entries should showcase a skill that you have learned since the beginning of the pandemic. Documentation should include why you chose that particular skill.

·       Questions about the competition should be directed to Katya, the current champion.

·       If you are interested in participating in artisan’s row, please contact Drueta.


·       Nothing new to report.

·       FYI I have an appointment Tuesday night, so I will not be able to attend the meeting. I hope that anyone who went to Pennsic enjoyed it!


·       Nothing new to report.


·       The internet is still working!

·       The website is current-ish.


·       Nothing new to report.


·       We have history, Dona Baroness Wentlyanna was given her Writ to sit Vigil for Pelican at River War.  If anyone has any further notes that should be included in our history please let me know.

Chancellor of Youth-Fiadhnait

·       Pennsic happened. I actually ended up running a Youth Point class on making Dragons Stuffies, since the instructor didn’t show up and the materials were already there. There wasn’t enough time allotted for the class but everyone left with necessary supplies. I got copies of the instructions and templates for the pieces, so that I can hold the class myself in the future.

·       I am going to be planning youth activities for River War.

Financial Committee

Charter Committee

Disbanded until further need arises.

Old business:


·       Andre and Pixie will be reworking the shower floor and walls.

River War-Sterling

·       Sterling has not heard back from the Baronial Liaisons.

·       Declan and Aibhilin reached out to the other local Baronial Seats; those who responded said that they haven’t heard from their Liaisons.

·       PayPal link will be up by the end of the week.

·       Sterling could use assistance reaching out to food trucks.

·       Angus volunteered to help at River War.

·       Wentlyanna offered to hold a Baronial project day to make Hobby Horses for the Youth Activities at River War provided someone else with a larger space could host it. The kids could then decorate their horses at the Event with FIiadhnait, and then do an Olympic themed race.

·       Sterling will reach out to the site to see if they have an attendee cap.

Inter-Kingdom Tournament-Sterling

·       We lost the Marlton Field site for 12/3. Sterling heard from Total Turf who had scheduled for 12/3 though Sterling had not given them a deposit. He will cancel the date.

·       Dru shared Sterling’s Event Bid for 1/7, which was voted on and approved by those attending the meeting.

New Business

Baroness Katherine expressed concerns about the Barony. Discussed the need for additional people to autocrat events, and suggested that folks new to being an event steward can be trained. She suggested that folks in the Barony get together socially as well as for SCA related activities.

Motion made to adjourn and seconded.

Minutes submitted by Baroness Aibhilin inghean Ui Phaidin.

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