6/22/21-Virtual Business Meeting

The SCA Harassment and Bullying Policy was posted and read by the Baronial Seneschal.


·       The policies keep changing rapidly from the SCA. Owynn will update us as we go.

·       Owynn would like to step down as Seneschal, and help transition the new Seneschal to the position. He will put a notice out for a Letter of Intent for a Seneschal.

Baronial Seat-Aibhilin and Declan

·       Thank you to Hiromasa for taking on the position of Deputy MOL at the May meeting.

·       Thank you to Angus and his wife Holly for hosting a wonderful get-together on the 12th. It was a fantastic night!


·       She and Molly are still dealing with Society and the Bank to get the names switched on the account.

·       Katya is still waiting on her Warrant from Kingdom Exchequer.


·       Nothing to report.

Knight Marshal-Sterling

·       There has been a practice that happens on Sunday’s in the park. This practice normally runs from 1:30 -4:00 (4:30) weather permitting. This practice is held at Cooper River Park in Pennsauken.  There is plenty of room for both Heavy and Rapier combat. Because this is a public park, bathrooms are VERY limited. Those that wish to come out please post on the Iron Bog Fighter practice page.  Each week there is a polling to see who and how many are coming out.  During this practice we are still maintaining masks worn and distancing.

·       Should you have questions, comments and or ideas please do not hesitate to ask. You can post on the Facebook group page or email me personally.

·       In other news around the fighting world —  Two weeks ago we had our first melee event. It seemed to go off very well except for an energetic guy pulling a hamstring.  The following Sunday we had another melee practice.

·       Please share your question comments, thoughts and ideas on topics related to heavy combat.

Fence Marshall-Taka

·       Nothing to report.

Company Captain of the Archers-Eoin

·       Nothing to report.

Mistress of the Lists- Sterling

·       Paper work paper work …  From the MOL office nothing new to report. No frills no thrills. Check your cards. Need another authorization? 

·       Missing your card? Have an idea for a tourney? 

·       Short sweet — with nothing to report 

Mistress of A&S-Wentlyana

·       Individuals have been doing art, but we have not gotten a chance to see it.  I reviewed the survey that I did 2 years ago, and noted that we had people asking about classes in embroidery, weaving, bardic performance, and general history.

·       I have created a new survey to find out what people are currently interested in and what people are comfortable with as far as gatherings. https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/PKQP8LP

·       If you could fill it out by Sunday 6/27 that would be great. In the meantime, I would like to host a google meet on Friday 7/2 from 7-9pm where we can chat about the projects that we have been working on.

Chatelaine: Alexis

·       Nothing to report.


·       No report.


·       Dear Iron Bog,

The internet is working.

The website is working.

Yis Erhart


·       Nothing to report.


·       Nothing to report.

Chancellor of Youth-Fiadhnait

·       No report.

Financial Committee

·       Nothing before the committee

Old business:

River War and Alternate Events-Sterling…Genevra

·       Sterling spoke to the Fairgrounds who were willing to move our date to the following year.

·       Sterling would like to put another event in its place: A Day of Tournaments. Declan and Aibhilin would like to have their Baronial Rapier and Rattan Championships. Sterling’s updated idea is to not only have our Baronial Rapier and Rattan Champions at the Day of Tournament, but also invite Buckland Cross and Bhakail to hold their Tournament there as well. It would be a points Tournament with the participants declaring which Barony they will be fighting for, and could fight for all 3.

·       Genevra, Aibhilin and Declan have talked about hosting an Event where we could hold our Baronial Thrown Weapons, Archery, and A&S Championships as well as Andre’s Elevation. Larry will serve as Event Steward. The biggest question is whether or not there is an available site, in particular, one that can hold TW and Archery. The Church is meeting tonight, and Creature has put in a request to see if they are willing to have outside groups in September. Larry is looking at 2 potential sites in Salem County. The other question is what date would work. Larry and Genevra are looking at September while their Consuls are still reigning, since we don’t know when Coronation will be scheduled. Quest is on 9/4, Carolingia Investiture on 9/11 and Lakewood is on 9/18. Sterling was asked about holding the Day of Tourneys on 9/11 and this event could potentially be held on 9/25. Genevra has been in touch with the Royals Elevation scheduler.

·       Plan for now:

o   Aibhilin will reach out to Colin Mackenzie and Eoin Dubh to inquire if they would be able to Marshal TW and Archery, and if they have/can bring targets.

o   Sterling suggested we reach out to Carillion to see about holding our TW and Archery Tournaments at Quail Hill when they are holding their Melee practice. They are also holding Fencing Practices there. Another option would be to request to use the site if we are stuck. Aibhilin and Declan will reach out to Carillion’s Baronial Seat.

o   Aibhilin and Declan will reach out to the Baronial Seats of Bhakail and Buckland Cross to see if they are interested in holding their Baronial Rattan and Rapier Tournament as part of this day.

o   We will wait to hear back from Creature and Larry on the availability of the sites for outside groups and for the date of 9/25.

o   We will then be able to re-visit both events at the next business meeting on 7/13.

New Business:

·       Taka met a new co-worker, Dmitri, who is interested in the SCA.

·       Taka thanked Baron Duncan for all of his postings of A&S videos on Facebook.

Motion was made to adjourn and seconded.

Submitted by Baroness Aibhilin inghean ui Phaidin

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