5/12/20 Virtual Business Meeting

Via Google Meet


  • Displayed and read The SCA Policy on Harassment and Bullying.
  • Nothing else to report.

Baronial Seat-Aibhilin and Declan

  • We hope everyone had a great May the Fourth and Cinco de Mayo!
  • Ethereal EK Court has been happening every other week starting at 4:00 on the EK You Tube Channel followed by a Google Meetup.
  • Our very own Fiadhnait, Liam, and Maia were in the EK Glow video challenge. Check it out here: https://youtu.be/XuPDML9g6c0
  • There have many virtual Kingdom A&S offerings. Check the EK online calendar for all virtual activities and Courts.
  • We will hold a virtual Baronial Birthday Booze with the Baron next weekend on Saturday, 5/23 at 7pm Aibhilin will hold a virtual Baronial A&S project day gathering this weekend on Saturday, 5/16 at 2pm. Links to come.
  • We would like to postpone Maybe until next year, and have our Baronial Rapier and Rattan champions continue on for one more year if they would like.


  • Balance $5950.55. Once checks get deposited the balance will go up to around $9,000.


  • Nothing to report.

Knight Marshal-Sterling

  • Nothing new … no wit – no humor –

Rapier Marshall-Taka

  • No in-person practices. Practice at home.
  • There are several virtual fencing activities.

Company Captain of the Archers-Eoin

  • Unfortunately, there is nothing to report. With the lockdown no one is having practice, unless you have your own range.
  • I’m still working on finding a place in my house to work on arrows and gear, but it’s slow going.
  • Keep yourselves healthy and your gear ready. Maybe we’ll get to shoot yet this year.

Mistress of the Lists- Sterling

  • Nothing new from either place … no wit – no humor –

Mistress of A&S-Dru

  • The MOAS office is gathering information on what online A&S activities our populace is most enjoying, and what A&S activities they might like to see more of.
  • Please fill out this brief survey (and share where appropriate) so we can best plan out what activities to do in the future. Thank you!



  • Nothing report.


  • Nothing to report.


  • No report


  • No report.


  • No report.

Chancellor of Youth-Fiadhnait

  • Since there haven’t been any events, I don’t really have to report.
  • HOWEVER, I DID do a story reading in garb, for the Queen, because it was a story she had never heard before and I promised I would share it with her. And I thought that maybe….just MAYBE…I might continue doing something like that. I know the Queen is already reading to the children of the East, but I also like the idea of reading as well. Not sure how that would work.

Financial Committee

  • Nothing before the committee.

Charter Committee

Disbanded until further need arises.

Old business:

SJ Geekfest

  • It has not been officially cancelled yet, but we cannot participate as an organization as no in person SCA activities can occur through the end of June.

River War-Sterling

  • Still hoping we can have the event in Sept
  • Waiting to hear final word on Coronation
  • Already have been in conversations with Their Highness-es
  • Gave full disclosure of the pros and cons of the site; gave a full description of the site, how RW is usually set up, and asked how they foresee the event.
  • Question was asked about whether the kitchens can handle the number of people we might get if it’s a Coronation. Sterling has started talking to Cooks; dayboard should not be a problem. People will need to be pre-registered to get dayboard.
  • Feast numbers will remain the same. Genevra brought up the possibility of the Barony purchase a large 3 burner outdoor stove instead of having to borrow from others. Genevra will put in a bid to the Financial Committee.
  • Has added one porty-potty to the count, and if it becomes Coronation, he would add another. Discussed deadlines with company if we want to add another. Also, discussed renting several hand washing stations. Sterling will find out how much they are.
  • Question-would River War be incorporated into Coronation? Sterling reports this is likely, but not definite.
  • Estimates for people was 250, but if it’s Coronation then 500. Baron Larry suggested it could be as high as 700. The last time we did River War/Coronation at the old site we had about 750 people.
  • Question: Is Sterling planning on changes prices…No.
  • IF it is a go we will need more help — EVEN IF it is not a go please volunteer to help
  • After conversation the sites tokens that were created for the birthday event will be moved over to River War
  • My Email/message/phone are open please feel free to ask questions. — Your questions sometimes help with making sure things are taken care you. Each of you have a different POV.
  • As soon as I have updated word from their Highness’es I will let you know… until then relax — Blue is not an Iron Bog color so stop holding your breath….
  • Sterling will wait to start of holding planning meetings once he knows if the event will be Coronation too or not.


  • The storage costs typically come from the camp fees.
  • Discussed that the Barony will cover the $150 fee for this year, and the check will come from the Barony.
  • For next year, for 4 trips to move the trailer between storage and camp:

Pennsic Trailer Early Placement $20, If done at the War Room $30.

Bog Mitzvah

  • Jean got one more request for a reimbursement. Everyone else has either got a reimbursement or has had their check destroyed.
  • Jean has one concern with PayPal pre-registration is that she does not get much contact information which made it difficult to track everyone down.
  • We refunded the PayPal fees of about $30 for the Bog Mitzvah. Diane and Molly discussed how to handle using PayPal for River War. Decided to wait to set up PayPal until July.

Motion made and seconded to end the meeting.

Submitted by Baroness Aibhilin inghean Ui Phaidin

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