3/3/20 Business Meeting Minutes

Baronial Seat- Declan and Aibhilin

  • Congratulations to our Seneschal Owyn who was elevated to the Order of the Pelican just over a week ago.
  • Website: When I went to add the meeting minutes to the webpage last month, I found that there are already categories for Meeting Minutes, Activities, and the Iron Monger. I copied and pasted the Monthly activity information from the Iron Monger onto the Website. So we are now in compliance to having that information on the website. I was not able to import the latest Iron Monger onto the website. Hopefully, our Webminister or someone else can help with this. One thing I noticed is that the Welcome paragraph is in as a General Post and moves down in the que as other posts are made. Can the Welcome message get moved to the top as one of the permanent entries? Also, it has outdated meeting information on the welcome message, and we need to change it to include Salem County. The EK website also does not list Salem County as part of Iron Bog. Declan has reached out to the appropriate person, and is waiting to hear back.
  • House Runnymede is doing a Largesse Exchange of 12 items that the Barony can use as gifts to their populace or in gift baskets. We’ve paired the newest and oldest Baronies, and so on. We will be exchanging Largesse with Barony Beyond the Mountain at the Runnymede Dinner at Pennsic.
  • Declan attended the Western Region/Principality Meeting was held at Q & C Bardic Champions.
  • Message from Her Excellency’s Head Retainer: We are quickly approaching our birthday celebration and I am looking for retainers for Her Excellency. If you are interested in retaining for the Bog Mitzvah please email Baroness Drueta with your availability.


  • Nothing to report.


  • Balance of around $10,000 or so.


  • The quarterly report was due 2/1/2020 and has been submitted.
  • Nothing new to report this month. The here will obviously more to report after the big event in 2 weeks.

Knight Marshal-Sterling

  • NO site — NO Practice…
  • Marshal’s report is due on March 1st
  • By the time the meeting comes about my report should be in.

Fence Marshal-Taka

  • Practices continue to happen at our site in Moorestown. They are regularly attended by both fencers and non-fencers. We occasionally get visitors from out of the Barony. 🙂
  • No reported injuries or equipment failures.
  • As this Melee season, Pennsic prep, and the warmer weather approaches I would like to take this time to remind everyone to check their Authorization Cards so ensure they are up to date and renew them before they expire. As well as check for equipment for wear and tear. Especially ensuring your tips are taped on properly.

Company Captain of the Archers-Eoin

  • No report.

Mistress of the Lists- Sterling

  • Nothing wild and crazy to report. Wait, the only news I could share is that the Southern Region now has another Combat Archer.
  • Fencers /Fighters — take a moment look at your Auth cards… is it time for a new card yet?

Mistress of A&S-Dru

  • No report.


  • No newcomer activity to report.
  • I have submitted the quarterly report due March 1st.
  •  I would like to set up a garb workshop/garb sorting day, probably after the Iron Bog Mitzvah.
  • As per the new EK Chatelaine Office policies, every group will need to submit a demo form (filled out online) to make the Kingdom aware in advance that demos are taking place. The demos will need to be voted and authorized by the Seneschal at group monthly meetings.

There are 3 sections to fill out:
1) Demo / Event Information
2) Demo Coordinator Contact Information
3) Host Group Seneschal Contact Information

  • Noting: I will need to get information regarding the SJ Geekfest contact as discussed previously.


  • There have been no changes to the inventory that I have been made aware of since our last meeting.
  • For upcoming events, please let me know what you take from Inventory so I can make a note of it on the sheet.


  • No report.


  • Next issue due at the end of the Month.


  • No report.

Chancellor of Youth-Fiadhnait

  • I am preparing children’s activities for the upcoming Iron Bog Mitzvah event in 10 days. Lady Rosie will be helping me with instructor-led classes in the afternoon. The rest of the time will be self-led activities.
  • I welcome any other Youth Marshals or adults wishing to help.
  • Aibhilin can bring the Baronial toys for the kids as well as a cardboard castle they can color on.

Financial Committee

  • Nothing before the committee at this time.

Charter Committee

Disbanded until further need arises.

Old Business:

Bog Mitzvah-Larry

  • The Iron Bog Mitzvah is moving along like a freight train.  There will be another planning meeting this Thursday, 03/05/20 at the Moorestown Church starting at 7:30pm.  Paypal reservations will end on 03/04/20.  We should have a complete list of Paypal reservations at this Thursday’s planning meeting.
  • We have 2 merchants who are planning on selling at the event.  We have 3 musicians scheduled to perform at the event.  We are still looking for kitchen help and 2 servers. If you know anyone interested, please have them contact me at jmdoner1963@gmail.com.
  • The head chefs have reported that they are doing well with event preparations.  As of today, it looks like we will have access to the church on Friday evening before the event for set up.
  • I have ordered a cake from Wegmans on Route 70 for a Friday afternoon pickup.  I am in the process of purchasing prizes for the tournaments, except Bardic Champions.
  • Bardic Champions-Baron Declan and Baroness Aibhilin
    • Mistress Sabine is helping us run the competition.
    •  We are working on a more specific announcement we hope you have done by tonight or tomorrow so that it be added to Event Listing and so that Mistress Sabine can spread it around the Bardic Community.
    •  There will be one round with a possible 2nd round.
    •  Anna has made a Baldric with cattails and with the Bardic clarion on it.
    •  Ian has volunteered to create something else for the winner, and is working on figuring that out.


  • Saturday, April 11th.
  • All demos needed to be approved by Populace vote and Seneschal Approval. Voted and approved.
  • Taka volunteered to set-up an Event on Facebook for the demo.


  • Saturday, May 9th.
  • Dru has contacted Artisans, and has heard back from some.
  • Contacted by a Merchant.
  • Aibhilin may have some of the handouts at her house. We will need more of some if not all of them. Genevra has the word files for the handouts.


  • Valery has been in contact with folks camping.
  • There will be Sunday Court followed by potluck.

River War-Sterling

  • 9/25 -9/27
  • Contract was signed by the Seneschal.
  • The event will have Equestrian, Thrown Weapons, Fighting, Fencing, Archery, Helga Ball (ladies come to play), Bardic, Food, Youth fighting, Artisans Row, Camping…What more would you like? Yes, River War is that event that deep down inside I try to reach for the goal offering you no shy about of fun.
  • We have been contacted to host the Southern Region Tourney for both heavy and rapier.  There also melee scenarios.
  • Has request to borrow pop-up/ez-ups; needs no more than 20.
  • Has one merchant so far.
  • I welcome more hands to help make the event run smoothly…..
  • We do have a small issue that has been dealt with… the obstacle course folks would like to come by Saturday afternoon to work on their stuff since there is a race there on Sunday at 1:00….
  • I have the contact Phone number and he and I are working it out.
  • Other than that — Stay tuned…

New Business:

Sharing on FB-Sterling

Please share FB events/posts and Event Stewards’ posts on your Facebook feeds. It will really help spread the word.

Baroness Aibhilin-If you are making an “official” post on Facebook, make sure you also post on the Google email group…our “official” channel.

Motion made to adjourn and seconded.

Minutes taken and submitted by Baroness Aibhilin

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