2-8-22 Virtual Business Meeting Minutes

The SCA Bullying and Harassment statement was posted by the Seneschal.

Baronial Seat-Aibhilin and Declan

·       Pre-registration is open for Coronation.

·       We are still at a 15 person max for practices, gatherings, etc.

·       Upcoming local-ish events:

o   2/19 The East Goes East (Ethereal)- Barony of Carolingia

o   2/26 Sparkly and Shiny: A Winter’s Tale (LIVE and VIRTUAL from Ice Weasel 16) Barony of Smoking Rocks (link on the Sparkly and Shiny Facebook page)

o   3/5-Nova Schola- Shire of  Hartshorn-dale

o   3/12-A Very Silly Virtual Nova Schola- Barony of An Dubhaigeainn

o   3/26-Mudthaw- Barony of Settmour Swamp


·       Knights Marshall-election-Sterling will continue for another year with a vote of confidence.

Greetings Unto the Barony of Iron Bog..

(These words might sound familiar)

I have been your KM for quite some time. I have no idea how long. I have lost track of time.  As much as I like being your KM, I would gladly side step to allow a chance for someone else that would have a front row seat of all tourneys. Sometimes in other lands as well.

Do I need a break, yes? Am I burnt out, yes? Yes to both. Some might even say well we have had a year off… Even though there has not been much fighting there is still work to be done. If you are thinking about the KM please note that I will be here to help and you will have to remind me that everyone does a job differently.

However, to cover both sides of the blade… To the Barony if you have no other and your wish to have me remain in the position, I will leave that up to you to decide. I would be willing to continue giving service.

Thank you for time

Sir Sterling

·       MOL-election-Hiromasa was voted in as the new MOL.

o   Greetings Unto the Barony of Iron Bog,

I have been your MOL for quite some time. I have no idea how long. As much as I like being your MOL I would gladly side step to aloud a chance for someone else that would have a front row seat of all tourneys. Sometimes in other lands as well.

Now, if there is not someone else available or willing then and only then I would ask to consider my name as the Barony’s MOL.

Thank you for time

Sir Sterling

o   Hiromasa volunteered to serve as MOL.

·       Webminister-election-Erhart will continue as Webminister for another year with a vote of a confidence.

Dear Iron Bog,

I am willing to remain your web minister unless someone else wants the job.



·       Chamberlain-election-Diana will continue as Chamberlain for another year with a vote of confidence.

Diana volunteered to continue in this position.

·       Herald-election-Angus was voted to continue as Herald.

Angus would like to continue in this position.


·       Nothing new to report.


·       Nothing new to report.

Knight Marshal-Sterling

·       Since we could not have in person practices I decided to do an open round table chat session. The first one had a little tech issues but the second one I worked around. It seems to go well.  This open conversation was for both heavy and light fighters. Not sure when the next one will be.

·       In other news I have been asked to help with a project involving heavy fighters who want to also fight with lighter swords. More information to come.

·       Bhakail has a heavy practice starting back up this Thursday.

Fence Marshall-Taka

·       Nothing new to report.

Company Captain of the Archers

·       Position is open, but not required.

Mistress of the Lists- Sterling

·       No frills no thrills…. paperwork is paperwork … Translation nothing new to report

Mistress of A&S-Wentlyana

·       K&Q A&S is going to take place in NH on 3/5.

·       There is also a novice schola in Hartshorn Dale on the same day.

·       We haven’t had any local gatherings for art, but hopefully with the last variant wave subsiding and warmer days coming, we will be able to get together soon.


·       Nothing new to report.


·       Nothing new to report.


·       Aibhilin and Taka will send Erhart emails about the corrections they need.


·       Nothing to report.


·       Nothing new to report.

Chancellor of Youth-Fiadhnait

·       No report.

Financial Committee

·       Nothing before the committee.

Charter Committee

Disbanded until further need arises.

Old business:


·       Genevra was not at the meeting. Aibhilin texted her during the meeting to see if she had spoken to Juliana. Genevra would rather not be event steward this year, unless no one else volunteers.

·       Aibhilin will contact Julianna to get more information on her idea to hold Maybe at the Westhampton Library, and will then share information with the group. We can see if someone is interested in being the Event Steward. Though Aibhilin cannot be the Event Steward she would be happy to assist anyone who would like to do it even for the 1st time or would like to be Deputy.

River War-Sterling

·       Nothing new to report at this time.

·       He will have more next month.


·       Contact Valery if you want to camp with Iron Bog.

New Business:

Sterling will be in the park on Saturday if people want to join him to fight. More information to come.

Motion made to adjourn and seconded.

Minutes submitted by Baroness Aibhilin inghean Ui Phaidin

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