1/12/20-Virtual Business Meeting

The Seneschal posted and read the Society’s Harassment and Bullying Policy.

Baronial Seat-Aibhilin and Declan

  • Congratulations to Sterling on his Silver Rapier. Congratulations to Declan on his Silver Brooch.
  • There are some upcoming virtual events such as, Bhakail is having Virtual Tavern event, EK A&S Champs, and EK Bardic Champs.
  • We wanted to let people know that though Iron Bog has not had any virtual events, we are open to them. If anyone is interested in a virtual event, social gathering, A&S project day, etc, please reach out to us. We also understand that virtual meetings, events, gatherings are not something that everyone prefers. We are supportive of whatever is your preference.
  • Thank you to Pixie for the 4th Quarter Issue of The Iron Monger. Please share with the Barony on Google Groups


  • Chamberlain is willing to stay on in her position.
  • MOL and Knight Marshal are continuing in those positions.
  • Letters of Intent for Herald are needed. Declan will reach out to both Deputy Heralds (Larry and Angus).
  • Malcolm was named Herald Extraordinary.
  • The next Business Meeting will be in March. Aibhilin-Declan and I will host a Social in February in lieu of a meeting.


  • We have money, pretty much the same amount.
  • Molly is going to send me the December statement, hopefully by the meeting. Sadly, we’re still struggling with the passing of the baton.  We found out while Molly was in the hospital that we used the wrong form for my warrant. The correct form is being sent in.  We’re still working on the bank information.  I’m hopeful these things will be resolved by next meeting. The year-end report is due in late January and will be turned in on time.


  • No report.

Knight Marshal-Sterling

  • Different year same status… As a fighter I find myself in prime Covid shape ….. ugh!!! There are many many many class and videos out there to help with self-practicing…  Currently, it has been not only too cold to play in the park but before we were told that we could not have practice – Practice was called for safety as the numbers had been going up and all the practices around had started canceling.
  • The good news is by us being in the park we would have had three new fighters. And one possible youth. The youth (a young lady) who make her mother leave her brothers home while she got to go to the park to see the knights… LOL too funny.
  • On a personal note; I am happy to announce that Lady Saikhan Saran after many years of waiting has agreed to be my official squire. And Lord Donnchadh Mac Lochlainn has accepted the position of the man-at-arms. For those that will get my joke here — please send them prayers and hugs for I know what I am plotting for them ….. But on a serious note, I am happy for both of them because throughout this time they have completed the 100 shot challenge and secretly inspired me to do it as well. Currently, we have one other fighter that is in the process of doing the challenge….  THL Eglin
  • A project that I am working on is a virtual event for melee for the heavy fighters. I had hoped that I would have had everything together to present to you this month…… buuuut life, liberty, and procrastination.
  • Soooooo fights …help me help you …. as the cold sets in let us try to work in a bit of stretching each day…. If you stretching tag a buddy to get them to stretch — easier to stretch than pushing someone out in the cold to run…
  • rumor has it that it is time to see if there is anyone that would love to take on the honor of being the Knight Marshal of this great Baronyrshal

Fence Marshall-Taka

  • No report.

Company Captain of the Archers-Eoin

  • No report.

Mistress of the Lists- Sterling

  • Yup ….. MOL here —– Yup —- only been holding tourneys in my mind…..
  • Would love to have a tourney using dice…
  • Sword and shield 6d+ 1
  • Two weapons 8d
  • Polearm/ Greatsword 10d
  • Yup way toooo much time on my hands……
  • But on a serious note….. Status is Nil —
  • No frills no thrills

Mistress of A&S-Dru

  • No report.

Chatelaine: Alexis

  • No report.


  • Chancellor Minor has nothing to report, as there have been no events and I haven’t had time to come up with any activities online.


  • The internet is still functioning.
  • The web page is up.


  • The 2020 4th Quarter Issue of The Iron Monger wen out.


  • We’re not making much history right now but will again someday

Chancellor of Youth-Fiadhnait

  • Chancellor Minor has nothing to report, as there have been no events and I haven’t had time to come up with any activities online.

New Business:


  • Creature agreed to be Land Agent.
  • Valery offered to be Camp Mommy.

River War-Sterling

  • Sterling asked what everyone thought about it.
  • We discussed different scenarios including continuing to hold it at the Fair Grounds, but limit it to one day, bring your own food, and no camping or holding it at Cooper River Park with one day and bring your own food.
  • Sterling will be exploring different options as we go forward.

Submitted by Baroness Aibhilin

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