Barony of Iron Bog
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baronial seat


Baroness Creatura Christi of Oaks






Seneschal (Chapter President):
Baroness Drueta De La Rosa


Deputy Seneschal (Chapter Vice President): Lord Sterling de la Rosa
chatelaine Chatelaine (PR & Newcomers):
Lady Genevra D' Angouleme

Deputy Chatelaine:

chronicler Chronicler (Newsletter):
Lady Aibhilin inghean ui Phaidin
Deputy Chronicler:
Lady Genevra D' Angouleme
web mistress Web Mistress:
Lady Saikhan Saran
herald Herald (Names, Device, Voice):
Lord Declan Gobha

Deputy Herald:

exchequer Exchequer (Chapter Treasurer):
Lady Molly Inghean Ui Raighallaigh
Deputy Exchequer:
knight  marshal Knight Marshal (Fighting Safety):
Lord Heinreich Wachter


Deputy Knight

Lady Saikhan Saran

Deputy Knight

Lord Gunnar Alfson

company_captain of the archers Company Captain of the Archers:
marshal of fence

Marshal of Fence:
Lord Eldrich Gaiman

Deputy Rapier Marshal:
Lord Delclan Gobha

mistress of the lists Minister of the Lists (Fighter Rankings):
Lord Sterling de la Rosa
historian Historian:
Lady Caitrina Gordon
mistress of arts and sciences Minister of Arts & Sciences:
Lord Lorenzo Gorla
Deputy A&S Minister:
Lady Fiadhnait Inghean Chiaragain
cooks guild  Cooks' Guild:
 Lady Valery Eugenia Fitzgerald

dance master  Dance Mistress:
calligraphy group Calligraphy Group:
          On Hiatus
chancellor of youth Chancellor of Youth (Children's Activities):
Lady Aibhilin inghean ui Phaidin
Deputy Chancellor of Youth:
Lady Diana Spencer of Barmoor


Lady Diana Spencer of Barmoor



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