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Iron Bog Meeting Minutes

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Baronial Seat -Collin and Marion

  • Polling has been sent.  Everyone should have it by now.  If you have not already. Please fill it out and send it in,
  • If you put something on social media that is related to the Barony please put it on the yahoo group as well because not everyone is not on all forms of social media (e.g., Facebook).
  • Thank you to Eldritch and Fiadhnait for hosting the Post Pennsic Pool Party. Marion and Collin were not able to attend due to mundane commitments.
  • Next Brunch with the Baroness


  • Officer elections:
    • Exchequer
    • Historian
    • Marshal of Fence
    • Seneschal
    • MoAS
    • Still looking for an MOL and a Chiurgeon


  • We have around $7000.
  • Report went in on time.


  • Having court on Saturday.
  • Let him know if there’s anything you would like Collin and Marion to see.

Knight Marshal-Heinrich (absent, report via Sterling)

  • Practice going well.
  • Have had some new fighters.

Fence Marshal-Katya

  • Practice cancelled for this weekend.
  • Looking for the practice on the 28th to host a regional practice.

Company Captain of the Archers-Eoin

  • Had practice this last Sunday.
  • Had 5 targets set up to simulate a crowd shoot.  Nice day. Had one couple come and a father with his kids in addition to the usual turn out for a total of 12-13 people.
  • Practice will probably go into October.
  • Report due 10/1.


Mistress of the Lists- Mairi (absent)

  • No report.

Mistress of A&S-Valery

  • Called off Thursday due to lack of attendance.
  • A&S competition on Saturday.
  • Owe a report.  Computer crashed and is recovering data.

Chatelaine: Drueta

  • Got 8 new people coming to River War. Had 2 people volunteer so far to be mentors for newcomers. 
  • Really need to go through and mark our Gold Key.  Alesone has started a Gold Key project that Dru would like us to do. They are making complete outfits in different sizes.
  • Nothing going on with the demo at the Deptford library.

Cooks guild/Brunch with Baroness:

  • Marion has October 5 and 19th free and November 2 and16th.  She will host of those months and will post more information on the list.


  • Only heard from one person last month.  If you have stuff, please email her.

Webmistress-Saikhan (absent)

  • No report.


  • Next issue due out at the end of September.


  • We have history.

Chancellor of Youth-Aibhilin

  • Getting ready for River War.
  • Report due on 9/15. Will submit after River War.

Financial Committee

  • Nothing to report.

Charter Committee
Disbanded until further need arises

Old business:
River War- Sterling

  • Sterling gave Baron Duncan names of volunteers who will be helping him Friday night and Saturday morning.
  • Sterling will put out a final schedule in the next day.
  • Sterling has told the Cook about our procedure for people with allergies.  She has not had any people come forward yet.  Baron Duncan will have the placards available if needed. 
  • Valery asked what time entries need to be submitted. Their Excellencies and former Excellencies who are at the event will judge.  Judging will start sometime after lunch.
  • Will have at least 2 people to assist Eoin on Friday. Eoin will be there by 3/330 to set up targets.  Eoin will run through the archery tournament Friday night while it’s light out for River War staff who cannot shoot on Saturday. Eoin said don’t worry about wearing garb on Friday night.
  • Creature asked which rooms will be used for Royal (dance) and Baronial (jewelry) Rooms.
  • Sterling asked when Creature will be packing her car so that he can try to be there to help her.
  • There is a back-up plan if it rains.
  • Sterling posted a list of areas that need help.  There will be more posts coming out before Friday.
  • Dru is making 2 posters about Artisans’ Row: one for troll and one for artisans’ row. Aibhilin
  • Sterling needs about 4 pavilions.  Declan and Aibhilin will bring the Iron Bog ezup.
  • Baronial court will be done separately at 4pm but will be held in the same location of Royal Court. Collin and Marion are doing roving court during the day to cut down on the Baronial court time at 4pm.  Royal Court will start after Baronial court is over.  Baron Larry asked Sterling to ask if their bringing their thrones or if they need us to provide them.
  • Creature would like to post on the A&S list who is eligible to win the A&S Tourney: Iron Bog, Buckland Cross, Bhakhail, Carillion, Barren Sands, and Caer Adament.  
  • Sterling requested that we all plug the event at the various lists we are on.

Investiture Four a New Hope-Baron Larry

  • Waiting to hear back from the Church on availability.
  • Genevra has submitted a budget for a feast for $8 per person.
  • Would like someone to volunteer to do a dayboard. If you’re interested please let Baron Larry know; present good menu within the budget.
  • Planning on 250 people but thinks there will be more depending on other events and who wins Crown Tourney.

New Business:

  • Dru suggested that we start thinking about Giving of the Bird.  EK calendar has several things on 1/17. 

Motion made to adjourn and seconded.




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