Day: June 2, 2020


Baronial Seat Letter of Intent to renew for 2 more years

Hello Iron Bog.  I have received word that our Baron and Baroness wish to seek an additional two year term.  Per the baronial bylaws, this now opens up the possibility of other candidates submitting a letter of intent should you wish to fill the role.  The period to submit your letter of intent will close […]

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Meeting Minutes

6/2/20-Virtual Business Meeting

The Seneschal began the meeting by displaying and reading the SCA Policy on Harassment and Bullying. Seneschal-Owynn Vote for Exchequer-Received 2 Letters of Intent: Molly and Katya. Molly withdrew her Letter of Intent during the meeting. Owynn read Katya’s Letter of Intent. Molly volunteered to be Katya’s Deputy in the beginning to help her learn […]

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